PROMOTIC 8.3. system news

See also: PROMOTIC system news.

Version 8.3.30 (from 7.3.2019) - stable version

- PmABradleyDF1 - Added "L - Long" type data area
- PmChar - Fixed bug: After closing the port the message of the Slave type was not completed correctly
- Text - Fixed bug: The Alignment horizontal configurator with "Right" value did not work correctly in local panel

Version 8.3.29 (from 28.11.2018) - stable version

- PmAlarmEvent object: method GetHistoryData was unable to go through multiple backups (if the number of records was not set "records:xx;").
- TrendsView object: Bugfixes in Web panels.
- Other minor bugfixes.

Version 8.3.28 (from 16.10.2018) - stable version

- PmCommData object: Fixed bug: Calling the method Refresh caused interruption of periodical communication of this object.
- PmiCanvas object: Fixed bug: The read value of the color (for example the strokeStyle property) was incorrect.
- Web panels and Trends: Several minor bugfixes.

Version 8.3.27 (from 13.9.2018) - stable version

- PmOmronFINS communication driver: Fixed bug: Sometimes after the PLC was switched off and on the driver stopped communicating.
- PmChar communication driver: Fixed bug: For Etnernet TCP the messages of Slave type did not work.
- PmElgas2 communication driver: Fixed bug: Receipt of message divided into multiple Ethernet packets did not work.
- PmABradleyDF1 communication driver: Added bridge addressing for Ethernet communication. See new configurator "Addressing type".
- Pm.GetSystemInfo method: New parameter "screen.allmonitors" for detection of the size of all displays.
- Pm.OtherAppOper method: New parameter nOper=20 for detection of position and size of application window.

Version 8.3.26 (from 28.6.2018) - stable version

- Pm.DateDiff and Pm.DateAdd new methods for working with time
- Pm.Trunc, Pm.Floor and Pm.Ceil new methods for getting an integer
- Fixed bug: PmiItem.Visible and PmiItem.Enabled properties - sometimes did not work if set by script or data binding.
- GetPar method extended by parameter "nAttr". Now it is possible to set that the method returns the value as Long data type (otherwise always returned String).

Version 8.3.25 (from 13.6.2018) - stable version

- Fixed bug: The PROMOTIC installation malfunctioned in OS Windows XP (bug since version Pm8.3.24).
- Pm.EncryptText and Pm.DecryptText methods are now functional also in JavaScript and Web panels.
- PmOmronFINS communication driver: Added data type L1 and R1.
- PmModbusMr communication driver: Optimized PmCommData variables assignment into individual communication messages.

Version 8.3.24 (from 26.4.2018) - stable version

- PmModbusMr communication driver:
- Now can work with value type LL2 = LongLong type 2 (8Byte Signed Integer).
- Fixed bug: On data receive it was not teste whether the answer came from the correct device.
- PmChar communication driver: Fixed bug: Sometimes the driver stopped working when Ethernet connection failed while sending data.
- PmPanel - graphic panel:
- Web panels:
- TrendsView graphic item: Various bugfixes.
- PmiText graphic item: New configurator "Type of text shading".
- PmiPrototype and PmiInstance graphic item: Configurators "Disable graphic item in the runtime mode etc. moved from the prototype into the instance. It is now possible to disable each instance separately.
- PmMenu object: multi level menus can now be created - by method AddMenu("id", "text", "type:menu;") it is now possible to add a submenu.
- Various bugfixes and improvements of trends, alarms, panel editor etc.
- New preconfigurations:
- Preconfigurations in group "Database access".

Creates PmAdo object configured for corresponding database type and two panels as examples for testing and database viewing.

- Preconfiguration "Graph - Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)".

Graphic item PmiCanvas configured as indicator of OEE machine effectivity.

- Preconfiguration "Single line graph defined by y and x values".

Graphic item PmiCanvas rendering function progression defined by values x and y.

Version 8.3.23 (from 20.11.2017) - stable version

- PmNetKey license server:
- Extension of runtime period while connection to licence server is lost from 12 hours to 48 hours.
- New functionality of method LicenceInfo(10/11/12) for detection of time that has passed since the last communication with the licence server.
- PmSNMP communication driver: Fixed bug: in the OID address larger number than 8 388 607 did not work (number to 3 bytes).
- PmTable graphic item in Web panels: Bugfixes:
- In Firefox it was not possible to set the column width to 0.
- PmiText and PmiWEdit graphic item: bugfix of editing in multirow mode.
- In the local menu of the script editor there is a new option Manager of application scripts ... that opens viewer of event scripts and methods of any PROMOTIC object or graphic item.

Version 8.3.22 (from 24.10.2017) - stable version

- GetVarExtensions new method in objects PmCommData, PmOpcClientData and PmTrend:

This method can obtain all data extensions that are registered in this object. This way it is possible to obtain all variables that are recorded as trends in corresponding PmTrend object.

- PmChar communication driver: added Ethernet protocol parameter configurator "Received data will always be in only one packet", that can be used to optimize the speed of reception of short messages.
- PmAdo object: extended functionality of methods DbOpen, DbExecute, RsOpen, DbBeginTrans, DbCommitTrans, DbRollbackTrans. If you enter the parameter "return:map;", then the methods return moredetailed information regarding the results of method callings.
- TrendsView graphic item ve Web panelech: Bugfixes:
- Improved transition between standard and daylight saving time.
- Repeated calling of RemoveAllTrends method did not work.
- Setting the properties ValueMin and ValueMax in reversed order caused the scale to flip.
- PmTable graphic item ve Web panels: Bugfixes:
- It is now possible to define more than one fixed row or column.
- Sometimes the scrollbar was visible while not needed.
- PmiRoot.Print method did not work while the panel was being opened.
- PmiWEdit graphic item: Fixed bug: The setting "Read only" was not working on WEB. Editing was always possible.
- The detection of local settings from OS Windows sometimes did not work correctly causing incorrect setup of decimal separator leading to corrupted reading of real numbers.

Version 8.3.21 (from 18.7.2017) - stable version

- PmiText graphic item: improved font smoothing for big fonts (bigger than 100px).
- PmiLine graphic item: Pattern (dotted line, etc.) is now functional also for WEB panels.
- PmDataTable.Sort method: text sorting is now processed with respect to language localization.
- Pm.ScanDate method: now functional in WEB panels and extended for nFormatType=10 (the input format of date in syntax "YmdHMS").
- PmTrend.GetGroupTitle new method: for detecting the user defined name of trend group.
- New preconfigurations:
- Communication driver configuration PmChar including panel and controls - can be used as a simple communication terminal.

See / Communication / PmChar configurable protocol / PmChar - Communication set with data and panel

Version 8.3.20 (from 2.6.2017) - stable version

- Added new supported runtime national languages: Vietnamese. See Fully supported languages in the PROMOTIC system.
- PmExpr object: New auxiliary object for evaluation of JavaScript expressions in the form of text.

There is a new preconfiguration as example of functionality: / Panels (PmPanel) / Others examples / PmExpr - mathematical expression.

- Web panels:
- PmiWEdit.onDataEditAccept event: Fixed bug: The event was called multiple times after editing was finished.
- TrendsView graphic item in Web panels: Trends can now be viewed also from other PROMOTIC applications.

Version 8.3.19 (from 13.4.2017) - stable version

- Web panels: Various modifications and bugfixes of WEB panels, alarms, trends, formus (PmForm object) etc.
- PmComm.GetProtParam method: can now detect ethernet address ("EthIPAddr"), ethernet port ("EthPort") and serial port ("SerPort").
- PmModbusMr communication driver: Can now send broadcast type messages by PmCommMsg object, i.e. if the defined slave address is 0, then the broadcasted message will be received all stations in the network.
- PmMBus communication driver: The driver can now receive negative values in BCD code.
- PmMelsecQA communication driver: Fixed bug: In the 3E/ASCII protocol format, the 1 bit value type was not sent correctly.

Version 8.3.18 (from 8.2.2017) - stable version

- PmIEC62056 communication driver: Added new message type "Programming mode - Block oriented data transfer".
- Application editor: Fixed bug: Sometimes the settings on page PmRoot > Users were lost.

Version 8.3.17 (from 3.1.2017) - stable version

- TrendsView graphic item in Web panels: In Chrome browser, the configuration of trends (colours, styles etc.) is now functional.
- Alarm/event viewer:
- Correct listing of items sortet backwards in time
- Filtration string can now be entered also in Chrome Web browser.
- PmSNMP communication driver: Extended functionality of SNMP version 3 (authorization and encryption).
- PmMBus communication driver: Fixed bug: Value received in 12 digit BCD format was processed incoreectly.
- PmCommData object: AutoSendEnabled new property
- PmForm object: Fixed bug: System buttons had only English texts.

Version 8.3.16 (from 24.10.2016) - stable version

- PmiWEdit graphic item: Fixed bug: While entering value byEnter key the onDataEditAccept event was not triggered.
- Panel editor: Fixed bug: In the "Boolean" variable type it was not possible to create data binding (the panel editor failed).

Version 8.3.15 (from 30.9.2016) - stable version

- INFO system: in the development environment in the INFO system it is now possible to see complete object tree starting with the PmRoot object. Here it is possible to see the licenses that are used by each object. In the PmRoot object it is possible to see the list of all licenses that are needed by the whole application.
- PmDataTable object: The first column can now be defined as Identifier type. This row identifier can then be used e.g. in the Item method for addressing the table cell.
- PmForm object:
- In each PmfObject object there are new properties TitlePos, BodyWidthMode, BodyWidthIni, BodyHeightMode, BodyHeightIni.

These properties can be used for better positioning of configurators.

- In the PmfString object there are new properties Multiline and Subtype. It is now possible to create multi-row input box, static notes, etc.
- In the PmfSepar object there is a new property Subtype. It is now possible to insert empty rows between the configurators.
- PmAlarmEvent object: In the history viewer the placement of time navigation buttons has been optimized.
- PmDataTable.LoadFromFile method: Fixed bug: method sometimes failed while reading empty CSV file.
- PmSNMP communication driver: Fixed bug: message type SNMP Walk was sometimes terminated early if some item had StatusError.
- PmOmronFINS communication driver: the EM register is now supported.
- Formatting of number with decimal separator: improved bahavior of decimal separator based on the OS Windows settings.

Version 8.3.14 (from 28.7.2016) - stable version

- Web panels:
- Pm.SelectionDialog method: Added parameter oExtra that can be used to define action to be executed after the selection window is closed. In this case the method is called asynchronously (i.e. does not stop and wait for the window to be closed).

This implementation allows functionality of this method also in Chrome browser (this browser does not allow synchronous opening of modal windows).

- TrendsView graphic item in JavaScript Web panels:
- The TrendsView > Grid > Line type configurator is now functional.
- Fixed bug: if tvTrend was set as invisible in the configuration file, then it was still visible on the Web.
- Fixed bug: RemoveAllTrends method generated error if no trend was present.
- Data extensions:
- configurator Value type now has option "3 - JavaScript expression" added. This allows for example triggering an alarm when the value is higher than defined constant, trend the Quality of the variable etc. (for ExtAlarmBinary, ExtEvent, ExtTrend).
- TrendsView: showing a trend description on the cursor position now including the timestamp - see SetUserControl("click:showvaltimename(trend=all)").
- PmDataTable object: On the configuration page Columns there is a new configurator Read only for each new column. The variable in such column can be written only once and these variables are not included into the total variable count of the application. This fact then affects the type of basic runtime license to be used. See "Read only" columns.
- Application editor:
- Created Manager of configuration files. Allows easy creation of *.ini or *.xml configuration files that can then be read by macro expression $.cfgfile.
- Created Application backup manager. Allows easy application backup management, opening older backups and set backup parameters etc.

Version 8.3.13 (from 27.5.2016) - stable version

- Web panels:
- Simplified user login on Web. If incorrect name or password is entered then an error window is displayed. This window contains a button that cen be used to initiate new login attempt.
- TrendsView graphic item in JavaScript Web panels:
- Fixed bug: Chart of the Constant type was not rendered correctly under some conditions.
- Fixed bug: Texts rendered next to points were not appearing beneath each other but were overlaping.
- Fixed bug: INFO system (offered by PmWebInfo object) opened on Web in a very small window.
- Var object (Variable) has a new configurator Rounding.
- New PROMOTIC file folder #temp: - all temporary files can be stored here and then deleted as needed.
- Data extensions:
- ExtAlarmAnalog: New configurator Inactivate type has been added. It can beused to e.g. set the alarms to stay in the state "inactive unacknowledged (blue)" visible (it was not possible before).
- ExtSubVar: Fixed bug: import/export in XML or CSV did not work.
- PmChar communication driver: Extended functionality for Ethernet Slave messages.
- New Preconfigurations for communications:
- Communication by DALI protocol.
- Additional Papouch devices communications.
- PmiCanvas graphic item: Fixed bug: Memory decrease occured if methods save and restore were not called correctly (not in pair).
- Panel editor: Fixed bug: Under certain setting the graphi item paramaters were not compiled correctly.
- Added support of JSON - text format for data exchange text format. new methods:
- PmMap.mapGetPropNames new method: allows to detect names of all properties in the PmMap object.
- Pm.IsInt new method: allows to detect whether the value is an integer (does not have the decimal part).

Version 8.3.12 (from 26.2.2016) - stable version

- Data binding E - Binding to the general expression: in expression, it is possible to use also the pMe variable (graphic item containing this data binding). This variable can be used in the expression to refer to any property of any graphic item in this panel.
- Web panels:
- Fixed bug: Graphic item PmiWCombo was rendered with incorrect height.
- Improved user login window (opened by Pm.WndLogon method).
- Panel editor:
- Fixed bug: Some internal items could not be edited (for PmiBarPane, PmiSliderPane, PmiPrototype).
- Graphic items preconfigurations:
- New, well-arranged disposition for creating new graphic item.
- New preconfiguration: Calendar.
- PmSNMP, PmMBus, PmIEC8705, PmElgas2 communication driver: Fixed bug: While transferring some message types memory loss accured.
- PmMBus communication driver: Fixed bug: 24bit Integer type values were received incorrectly.
- Object PmMap: new method mapSaveToString is now functional.
- The documentation now contains new chapter describing usage of Calc database (OpenOffice, LibreOffice).

Version 8.3.11 (from 19.1.2016) - stable version

- Fixed bug: When data extensions were modified in the development environment, the changes did not save (bug since version Pm8.3.10).
- New data extension ExtSubVar allows to enter a subvariable into the variable.
- The OpenView method extended: in oExtra.onOpen entry it is possible to define a method that is called once the panel opening is completed.
- Web panels: the Pm.WndLogon method is now functional also in Chrome browser.
- PmBACnet communication driver: now supports the "PulseConverter" type objects.
- PmABradleyDF1 communication driver:
- Now it is possible to enter addresses higher than 254 in ItemId.
- Fixed bug: For EtherNet/IP the STS error flag was not tested.
- Localized texts manager: now possible to import/export from/to CSV file.
- Bugfixes of $.par macro expression evaluation in graphic items PmiInstance and PmiPrototype.
- TrendsView graphic item: Patch fixing vulnerability of this ActiveX item in HTML pages.

Version 8.3.10 (from 15.12.2015) - stable version

- Fixed bug: Writing object or array into a variable was possible only when using PmRtProf license. Now this works with all licenses except PmRtFree - Free runtime license.
- PmiText and PmiWEdit graphic item: are now functional also for German localization setting of the OS Windows (where the number contains separator of thousands "period").
- PmModbusMr communication driver: Data writing now can use Modbus function FN06 (area RoS and RiS).
- PmABradleyDF1 communication driver: Single bit writing is now functional.
- PmMBus communication driver: Improved receiving of some values (e.g. values with extended VIFE used for detection of variable change time).
- PmABradleyCIP communication driver: Fixed bug: was not possible to receive 2-dimensional array.
- PmWorkspace object: Fixed bug: If the application zoom was active (see the configurator PmRoot > Appearance > Application appearance zoom), then the width/height of individual frames were not evaluated correctly sometimes.
- INFO system: Fixed bug: The content of the PmInstance object sometimes did not expand correctly.

Version 8.3.9 (from 19.11.2015) - stable version

- PmAdo object: new methods for transactions support: DbBeginTrans, DbCommitTrans and DbRollbackTrans.
- PmForm object:
- New form item type - separator, i.e. PmfSepar object.
- Close new method and new properties BgColor, SysButtons.
- Panel editor: Fixed bug:
- It was not possible to move the PmiLine graphic item if configured as vertical or horizontal. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.23.
- If items were copied from the Windows clipboard then these items were not marked.
- PmTrend object: Fixed bug:
- GetValueByTime method was not able to return single value for Database dBase backups saving type.
- If Database Access backups (obsolete) saving type was used a new backup was created each time the runtime was launched.
- PmS7 communication driver: Fixed bug: Variables from one PmCommData were sometimes incorrectly distributed among communication messages and then some variables were not transmitted. (bug since version Pm8.3.2)
- PmTeco communication driver: Fixed bug: If 8-Byte values were trasmitted (Data type LREAL and DATE / DATE_AND_TIME) there were errors occuring. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.23.
- PmABradleyDF1 communication driver: Fixed bug: The communication did not work if there were variables demanding data from different DataFile numbers in in one PmCommData object. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.3.9.

Version 8.3.8 (from 1.10.2015) - stable version

Since this version, the Promotic8.3 is considered stable. Only necessary bugfixes and new features not affecting system stability will be added to this version. The future system development will be done to the new version Promotic9.
- Nový Price list of PROMOTIC system . The original PROMOTIC pricelist no longer represented the current status of SCADA market and did not reflect the current level of PROMOTIC SCADA technical development. Therefore a new pricelist has been prepared that corresponds to reality better and is also much simpler.
Main pricelist modifications:
- D/E price categories cancelled. Single price category is now valid for all customers (independent on development license purchase).
- License key price detached from license price. The license keys are now included in the pricelist as separated items with individual prices.
- Tighten conditions for PmFree - Free development environment and a runtime license of the PROMOTIC system applications. Following limitations were added to runtime:
- Maximum number of 10 panels (PmPanel objects) can be used.
- The Object and Array type values can not be stored into variables of PmData, PmDataTable, PmCommData, PmOpcClientData objects.
- New PmForm object that allows creation of forms for data entry. Opens by the OpenView type method i.e. it can be open in an independent window, in PmiWFrame graphic item, or inPmWorkspace. It is functional also in Web panels. Replaces the obsolete method Pm.InputBox.
- PmiCanvas graphic item: New simple drawing tool has been created. This way it is possible to draw the canvas item and the editor then transforms it to script.

This tool will be developed further in future versions in order to provide more graphic functions and also to read and render canvas scripts.

The canvas drawing tool can now be opened from following locations:

- Select preconfiguration / Image / Drawing PmiCanvas graphics or
- On Draw page - when creating new method select option "draw PmiCanvas graphics" or
- On Draw page - in script editor local menu select Canvas editor ....
- New assistant objekt PmList. Allows the application designer to create a LIFO and FIFO lists of values in this object. See Comparison of objects used for data storage.
- Fixed input of localized real numbers (in Application editor, Panel editor and in graphic items PmiText, PmiWEdit) in cases when the decimal separator was entered as "comma" and separator of thousands as "period" (German localized number input).
- PmIEC8705 communication driver: Fixed bug: after 32000 communications were completed, the system re-established the connection unnecessarily.
- New preconfigurations:
- New images in section / Image
- Bar (PmiCanvas) using PmiCanvas graphic item.

Version 8.3.7 (from 27.8.2015) - developmental version

- Added new supported runtime national languages: simplified Chinese and Malay. See Fully supported languages in the PROMOTIC system.
- Fixed bug: The version Pm8.3.6 did not work properly in OS Windows XP.
- Fixed bug: The #pragma option OldGlobalMethodCall script directive did not work in script.
- TrendsView graphic item in JavaScript Web panels: Fixed bug: sometimes did not render correctly in Chrome browser.

Version 8.3.6 (from 14.8.2015) - developmental version

- The PROMOTIC system has been tested on the released version of OS Windows 10 and is confirmed to be fully functional.
- New auxiliary object PmAction. It can be used to define action - calling the designer's method of the object.
- Highly generalized panel opening by using the OpenView methods:
- This method can now be used for opening all types of PROMOTIC viewers in any frame: in addition to PmPanel, PmReport, PmAlarmEvent, etc. it is now possible to open also INFO system in the defined frame of the PmWorkspace object.
- New (fourth) optional parameter oExtra added to the OpenView methods. This parameter allows to set properties for opening:
- oExtra.Arguments (PmMap object type): Value that is passed to the opening panel and will be available in the panel by using the PmiRoot.Arguments property.
- oExtra.onClose (PmAction object type): It is possible to define the designer's method here that is called when this panel is being closed.
- Generalized parameter sOptions:
- generalized entry pos:top,x,y; allows to position the window relatively to the main window.
- new entry modal:1; allows to use this method in order to open modal window.
- This generalization also changes the way the modal windows are created - i.e. windows that block user access to other windows during data entry.

OpenViewModal method is now considered obsolete - this method is "synchronous", i.e. when called the script waits until the window is closed and continues its function after that. This approach is not functional in many Web browsers and the concept itself from the script operation point of view is not correct.

New way of modal window opening by using the OpenView method (with defined entry modal:1;) opens the window modaly but the script continues to run. Once the modal window is closed, designer's method is called that was defined in the oExtra.onClose


See How to work with modal windows.

Modal windows that are open this way are fully functional in all Web browsers.
- Web panels:
- New configurator PmPanel > Web server > Refresh error indication method: Allows to supress displaying of error message informing about communication failure with server.
- TrendsView graphic item in JavaScript Web panels:
- Rendering bugfix when no trend was connected.
- Rendering bugfix when scrolling in the table mode.
- PmWorkspace object (workspace): For each frame there are new configurator "Minimum width (px)" or"Minimum height (px)".

It is important to set these configurators if it is needed to prevent reduction of frame size to zero value. This is necessary when displaying workspace on Web using small screen (handheld) devices (Android smatphones ...) where the workspace is displayed in minimal size.

- Graphic item local menu: (created by the events onMenuFill and onMenuSelect)
- For Web panels the local menu was redesigned in order to work correctly in all Web browsers.
- PmiItem.ShowMenu new method: new possibility to open local menu by script in every graphic item.
- PmS7 communication driver: If connection is lost then the Quality property is overwritten in all variables.
- New communicatio with Web service Maatrix. This service allows to send general messages from PROMOTIC application to mobile devices.

There is a new preconfiguration Sending messages to "Maatrix" mobile application service.

Version 8.3.5 (from 14.5.2015) - developmental version

- PmInstance object: Optimalization and faster loading from PmPrototype object at runtime launch. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.22.
- Web panels:
- The position and dimensions of panel open in an new window were not evaluated correctly (i.e. if "target:_blank;"). The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.22.
- JavaScript panels were sometimes rendered incorrectly in InternetExplorer9. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.22.
- TrendsView graphic item: While configuring the object the panel editor sometimes failed (bug since version Pm8.3.4).
- Data binding SP - Binding to the object Pm property: did not work in JavaScript panels. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.22.
- PmIEC8705 communication driver: added types ASDU-5 and ASDU-6. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.22.
- PmSNMP communication driver: It was not possible to receive variables of the Unsigned32 type (bug since version Pm8.3.4).
- New preconfiguration: Energy output progression chart.

Version 8.3.4 (from 22.4.2015) - developmental version

- New way of file path entry: In previous versions the paths were defined by using the $.path macro expression. In usual cases this was unnecessarily complicated because the macro expression had always to be evaluated. Therefore it is recommended since this version to enter paths in new format starting with # character (see PROMOTIC path to files and folders). The $.path macro expression is still functional but no longer needed for simple path entry.
- PmiCanvas graphic item:
- On the Draw page it is now possible to create assistant methods for drawing. In the onDraw event it is no longer neede to write the whole drawing script, but assistant methods can be called. This way the drawing script becomes much simpler.
- New object CanvasCtxExt for drawing. Thsi object adds the functions of deformation rotation transformations. This object Objekt can be accessed via the pEvent.CtxExt parameter.
- New assistant object PmMap. This object allows the application designer to create new user properties in this (empty) object. This is very handy if the designer needs to transfer multiple named values into some method.
- Web panels:
- TrendsView graphic item in JavaScript panels:
- Improved values rendering in trends after mouseclick.
- Bugfixes in applications that conflicted with the old InternetExplorer8 browser.
- The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.21.
- PmBACnet communication driver: Receive and write of weekly-schedule property in the Schedule object is now working.
- PmSNMP communication driver: bugfixes of problems with high volumes of data (sende nad receive).

Version 8.3.3 (from 5.3.2015) - developmental version

- Pm.GetSystemInfo method: New parameter "win.username" for detection of the name of currently logged-in OS Windows user.
- Bugfix of launching the application into runtime with license key (bug since version Pm8.3.2).
- Bugfix of opening alarm/event viewer on Web. If $vb was used then in the alarm group identifier the expression was evaluated as empty. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.20.
- Bugfix of memory data overwrite while writing into DBF (DBF alarms) if the written value size exceded the column size in DBF. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.20.

Version 8.3.2 (from 2.3.2015) - developmental version

- New subfolders will be created in the application folder:
- DtBackup: The Application.pra file backup is saved here. Automatic saving while editing this file is also functional now.
- Temp: Temporary files (e.g. created during import/export are saved here.
- Data extension ExtTrend: New possibility to trend just a selected bit in a value (see the configurator "Value type").
- Alarms and Events:
- The history data can now be saved also in MySQL database and FireBird database (see the configurator "Storage type").
- in Acknowledge method, it is now possible to define the national language of acknowledging user.
- The localisation of national languages has been improved in Web client.
- Support for MS SQL Server Compact: For the purpose of small and testing database applications this freeware version can be used in objects PmAdo, PmAlarmEvent and PmTrend.
- Web panels:
- Methods Pm.CreateDate and Pm.FormatDate are now functional. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.19.
- Editing is now available in Touchpad browsers that do not support mouse - e.g. Android. These browsers do not support mouse doubleclick that is used for editing in PmiText and PmTable items. Now it is possible to edit the item content by opening the item local menu - i.e. in Android system, by long touch on the item. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.19.
- Edit mode of the PmiWEdit item fixed - did not work in Chrome and Android. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.19.
- PmWorkspace object: Now working in Web as standard HTML page (old concept of frameset was used before). also the scrollbar function has been fixed on Web. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.19.
- PmS7 communication driver:
- new configurators in protocol parameters
- Max. PDU length: maximum message lenght limit
- Connection type: Connection type (application connects to PLC as PG=Programming device or OP=Operator panel).
- commnication with LOGO! modules version 8 has been tested. The modules support S7 protocol since this version so the S7 driver can be used.
- PmMBus communication driver:
- In ItemId the desired Subunit now can be defined.
- New message type (in PmCommMsg object) has been created in order to read information about which values can be read from the meter.
- Sometimes the "recount to basic physics units" did not work correctly (for VIFE extended type) The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.19.
- PmABradleyCIP communication driver: Sometimes the "Reading names of all available variables from the PLC" message type transmission did not work correctly. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.19.
- In script editor there is now a new Script wizard for simple entry of common statements (if, for, switch, panel open, etc.)
- Graphic ActiveX item Graph (for displaying values in bars, 3D, etc.) is removed from PROMOTIC installation and documentation since this version. This item is considered obsolete and is replaced by PmiCanvas item (see preconfigurations in Preconfigurations in group "Trend" group). ActiveX can be downloaded independently from

Version 8.3.1 (from 5.11.2014) - developmental version

- Added new supported runtime national languages: Turkish. See Fully supported languages in the PROMOTIC system.
- PmTrend object: New configurator Additional parameters that allows to enter names or data types of column being saved into the database.
- Panel editor: Fixes in graphic item configurators. As the configurators were modified in the Pm8.3 version, some data bindings or macro expressions malfunctioned.
- PmiRasterImage graphic item: Fixed bug: The transparency defined in the Opacity level configurator was sometimes rendered incorrectly. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.18.
- PmPanel object: Fixed bug: JavaScript panels sometimes caused memory shortages. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.18.
- Web panels:
- Panel opening sometimes failed if characters with diacritics were used in panel parameters.
- TrendsView graphic item in JavaScript panels: Optimization of requests for large quantities or high frequency of queries.
- Graphic item rendering improved for old broeser InternetExplorer 8.
- The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.18.
- New PmOmronFINS communication driver:
- This driver can communicate by the FINS protocol with new PLCs by the Omron company. The original PmOmronC communication driver is used for communication by the older protocol Mode-C.
- Both drivers are licenced by common license PmOmron.
- PmOmronC communication driver: generalised in order to use the PmCommData object.
- PmSNMP communication driver: Fixed bug: Request identifier used wrong format in transmitted data. Only the first 128 messages were trasmitted. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.18.
- PmModbusMr communication driver: Fixed bug: Reading and writing bit in the registry (i.e. reading and writing area RoB) did not work correctly. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.18.

Version 8.3.0 (from 26.9.2014) - developmental version

- Data extensions:
- Data extension is now an object with scripting interface.
- Var.Extension method can access this object. The data extension was available for variables of the PmData object, but now it can also be used with PmCommData, PmOpcClientData and PmTrend object variables. In these objects there is always just one extension "to itself", i.e. the ExtComm, ExtOpcClient and ExtTrend extension.
- The data extension object can also be addressed in the object path by #ext identifier.
- in objects PmCommData and PmOpcClientData, the "onDataReceive" event configurator can be set to "A = call for all registered variables (in this object and also in other PmData objects)". This way it is possible to check any change of any variable in the onDataReceive event.
- Methods page: Now it is present in each PROMOTIC object and graphic item (only some specific PROMOTIC object had it before).
- Major improvements of window design configuration in application editor and in panel editor.
- In the object configuartion window, there is an object path indicated on the top. Clicking this path can be used to navigate to any other object. This way it is possible to switch between object easily.
- Editing by keyboard (without mouse) is now supported: Pressing the Alt key shows the shortcut letters for each configurator and if the letter is pressed the focus is moved to the selected configurator. The concept of such letter is hiearachic, i.e. some letter may represent a set of configurators and after pressing such letter another letters are indicated for sub-configurators. This way it is possible to move around quickly while designing an application.
- Macro expression: In those configurators where macro expressions are relevant, there is a new button on the left (similar to data binding button) that can be used for composing a macro expression by configuration.
- Application editor:
- The "Disabled object" configurator is extended by the option to enter Macro expression $.cfgfile and this way it is possible to define which objects are to be activated in the application by defining them in the configuration file.
- The "Object accessible via variable" configurator is now considered obsolete and therefore it is hidden in new apps and in applications that did not use it.
- Panel editor:
- PmiRoot new graphic item item that represents the whole graphic content of a panel.
- There is a single object of this type in each graphic panel. All internal panel properties were moved into this item, e.g. Panel width, Panel height, Item parameters, etc.
- There is a new icon in the toolbar (Edit PmiRoot).
- Each item has a new script property PmiItem.Root that can be used to access PmiRoot in any event.
- PmiRoot.onViewerResize event: In this event, it is possible to increase / decrease size and move items in order to optimize the items displayed in window of specific size.
- Many new graphic item preconfigurations have been added. Therefore the content of the "Graphic items preconfigurations" window was redesigned and now the preconfigurations are not sorted by item type but by item purpose. For example in the Preconfigurations in group "Pipes" group there are no longer just PmiPipe type objects, but also images (PmiRasterImage) that are related to pipelines.
- In configurators, where data binding is defined, such data binding is displayed in text form under the configurator and can be edited directly. This can speed up its editing or copying.
- onModeChange: New event in each graphic item informs that:
- there is a mouse cursor hovering over the item
- the graphic item got focus
- the Visible or Enabled properties were changed.
- Render outline frame around the focused item: New configurator in each graphic item.
- The panel size correction configurator has been cancelled. It was no longer relevant because of panels being opened in workspace (in the PmWorkspace object).
- PmPanel object:
- New configurator "Enable multiple opening of local panel". If set, then the panel can be opened multiple times simultaneously (e.g. each time with different parameter).
- Many properties in this object are now considered obsolete because these properties are now contained in the PmiRoot object. Based on the fact that one panel can now be opened multiple times these properties in this object are no longer relevant.
- The option to save graphic content as template for other panels has been disabled. All such panels are converted automatically, i.e. this graphic content is copied into all PmPanel objects that used such template. As for templates, it is now much better to use the PmPrototype object.
- Alarms and Events:
- The history can now be saved also to MS SQL database and Oracle database (see the configurator "Storage type").
- History viewer:
- The scrollbar has been replaced by buttons "up" and "down".
- Sorting by the time of origin is now functional, i.e. new alarms can now be displayed on top.
- The status and history viewer can now be opened multiple times, i.e. to have a small window permanently open a and open large vindow sometimes.
- Licenses:
- The pricelist item PmBaseClient was renamed to PmDataClient and PmFullClient to PmWebClient.
- Now it is possible to define the HW Key testing sequence and this way e.g. prefer the development key before runtime key. The setup is done in the application INI file - see Description of keys in the [Licence] section.
- license file SWK bound to PmNetKey license server: Now a single swk file can contain a "multilicence", i.e. single file can be shared by multiple applications.
- Added new supported runtime national languages: Ukrainian, Greek and Persian (Farsi). See Fully supported languages in the PROMOTIC system.
- INFO system: It is now possible to open multiple windows simultaneously - see the Open new button.
- PmComm.GetCount new method: can be used for counting the total number of communication transfers.

PROMOTIC 8.3.30 SCADA system documentation - MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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