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EncryptText - method of the Pm object

The encryption of the string by the seed.
String EncryptText(String sText, String sSeed)
sText(String) Text that has to be encrypted
sSeed(String) Seed by which the text has to be encrypted (it is necessary for the text decryption). It is recommended to use 5 characters at least.
For the text decryption serves the Pm.DecryptText method.

This method is also functional in Web panels.
The encryption of the password and writing it to "ini" file:
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var sTxt = "Secret text";
var sTextCode = Pm.EncryptText(sTxt, "bflmpsvz");
Pm.IniFileWrite("#cfg:data.ini", "Passwords", "Password1", sTextCode);
String encryption and decryption according to specific seed.
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var sTxt = "Hello";
var sTextDecrypt;
var sTextEncrypt = Pm.EncryptText(sTxt, "bflmpsvz");
Pm.Debug("TextEncrypt=" + sTextEncrypt);

sTextDecrypt = Pm.DecryptText(sTextEncrypt, "bflmpsvz");
Pm.Debug("TextDecrypt=" + sTextDecrypt);
Secure application launch by binding with a specific runtime license number:
Specific licence number (7763) is used as a part of a seed for encrypting a text stored into a file.
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var sTextEncrypt = Pm.EncryptText("Hello!", "bflmpsvz_7763");
Pm.FileTextWrite("#cfg:Licence.key", sTextEncrypt, "charset:utf-8;");
In the application in the onAppStartBegin event there is a script that reads the content of the file and uses the detected license number to decrypt and compare the content.
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var sTxt = Pm.FileTextRead("#cfg:Licence.key", 2);
var sSeed = "bflmpsvz_" + Pm.LicenceInfo(0);
var sTextDecrypt = Pm.DecryptText(sTxt, sSeed);
if (sTextDecrypt ! "Hello!")
Pm.MessageBox("Err", "Licence error!", 0x0);

Pm9.00.14: Fixed bug: In the Web panel, this method did not work for some sSeed values.
Pm8.03.25: Now is functional also for JavaScript and Web panels.
Pm8.01.06: An error occured if the input text was empty string.
PROMOTIC 9.0.28 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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