LicenceInfo - property of object Pm

Getting information about licenses (in HW Key) of the PROMOTIC application.
LicenceInfo(nWhat As Long) As Variant
x = Pm.LicenceInfo(nWhat)
nWhat(Long) Type of read values:
0 - License number (number of the HW Key).
1 - Unique user number (PmUserNumber). It is used to the security of starting the runtime of the PROMOTIC application, see Example. If the user group is not included in the license, then it returns number 0.

For the security of the development environment: see the setting The authorization of editing the application.

2 - License mode (no HW Key, runtime, development). It doesn't read the new content of the HW Key but it returns the values that were read earlier. This means that this property doesn't catch exchanging the HW Key for another one or its removing.
3 - License mode (no HW Key, runtime, development) with new reading of the HW Key content. I.e. this property catches HW Key replacement or removal. Caution!This operation may be relatively time consuming under certain circumstances and therefore should not be executed very often (recommended frequency is a minute or longer).
23 - Maximum number of "PmWebClient" type clients. The information about the clients states can be found in the INFO system in the /COMM/ClientLicence flag.
24 - Currect count of connected "PmWebClient" type clients.
25 - Maximum count of "PmDataClient" and "PmWebClient" type clients.
26 - Current count of connected clients of the "PmDataClient" and "PmWebClient" type. This information can be useful for example for monitoring of Web activity.
Property access for read only. This property is not functional for Web panels.
Whether the secured application is started only with the license (HW Key) that includes user number 123. Into the PmRoot.onAppStartBegin event it is enough to enter, for example, the following script:
If Not (123=Pm.LicenceInfo(1)) Then
  Pm.MessageBox "Error", "Bad HW key !!", &H0+&H10000000
  Pm.AppQuit 1
End If
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