RtLang - property of object Pm

The language version of the runtime application.
RtLang As String
s = Pm.RtLang
Returns/sets a text identifier of the language (e.g. "en", "cs" ...). See How to create an application using different national languages.
Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the "Main language of runtime" configurator of the PmRoot object.

The value of this property influences selecting the text by Macro expression $.text.

If the language version is changed in the runtime mode by writing into this property, then the change should be made in the PmRoot.onAppStartBegin event. If it is written into the property later while starting or running the application, then some parts of PROMOTIC needn't reflect the change of the language. For example the panel that is already open will not refresh the displayed texts - it is necessary to reopen it. The font palette is automatically created again when the language is changed so that the panel uses the new font in the next opening.

This property is also functional for Web panels. It is not functional in InternetExplorer8 and lower. For Web panels this property is read only.
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Pm.Debug("Language=" + Pm.RtLang);
The command in the PmRoot.onAppStartBegin event that reads the language in the runtime from the config.ini file, runtime section, rtlanguage item and then the read value writes into RtLang.
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Pm.RtLang = Pm.IniFileRead("config.ini", "runtime", "rtlanguage", "en", 8)  '4=vbSingle, 8=vbString, ...
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