StringJoin - method of object Pm

Returns a string created by merging the substrings contained in 1-dimensional array.
StringJoin(aStrings As Array, sDelimiter As String) As String
string = Pm.StringJoin(aStrings, sDelimiter)
aStrings(Array) 1-dimensional array containing substrings to be merged. The values of different data types are converted to strings.
sDelimiter(String) Separator, i.e. character used to identify substring boundaries in the resulting string. (" ", ",", ";", ...).
The method can also be called in the graphic item events for Web panels.

The method is functional also in Macro expression $.expr and in the onDraw event of the PmiCanvas graphic item.

There is a list of values seoarated by comma , in the s1 string. The list is desintegrated into a 1-dimensional array and then integrated back together, but this time with ; semicolon acting as value separator.
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var s1 = "2,4,6,8,10";
var a = Pm.StringSplit(s1, " ");
var s2 = Pm.StringJoin(a, ";");  //s2 contains "2;4;6;8;10"
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