Object PmArray (Array of values)

Object represents an array of values. This object is used in scripts written in the JavaScript language.
Properties and methods:
Array1 Creates and fills 1-dimensional array with values
Create Creates a 1- or 2-dimensional array
GetDim The array size
GetItem Returns the array item
GetSize Returns the array size in defined dimension
Insert Adds one or multiple items into the array
Remove Removes one or multiple items from the array
SetItem Sets the value in the item
LoadFromVbArray Fills in PmArray by copying from the VBScript array
SaveToVbArray Returns a copy of PmArray array as VBScript array
Sort Ascending or descending array sorting
- The object can be created by the Pm.CreatePmArray method.
- This object is functional also in Web panels.

In PROMOTIC JavaScript panels it is not possible to use the standard arrays of the VBScript and JavaScript languages (see Language data types). In these panels, all properties and methods use the PROMOTIC PmArray - see How to use array of values in the PROMOTIC system.
Comparison of objects used for data storage:
The following object types can be used for holding values (of any data type). Each of these objects has certain advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends on the desired usage.
PmArray: This object contains values that are accessible by index into the array - it is possible to read any value at any time in this object. Reading and writing values is very fast, but adding is slow.
This object is functional only for JavaScript language. For the VBScript language the array is represented by Array data type.
PmMap: This object contains values that are addressed by name (text identifier). Value names represent object properties. The advanatege is the "clarity" of usage in the script code. The disadvantage is the inability to access the values in cycle by index.
PmBuffer: This object contains binary values in data block. For reading/writing of individual value it is necessary to know its position (offset) in the data block and also the data type (size).

Pm9.00.04: New methods Insert and Remove for adding and removing items in the array.
Pm8.02.00: Created
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