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MICROSYS - Company profile

is a Czech company with the headquarters in Ostrava, that is engaged in development of PROMOTIC visualization software (SCADA) and implementation of applications in the field of industrial process automation.

The MICROSYS, spol. s r.o. company was established in 1991 by a group of people with long-time experience in development and implementation of software systems for monitoring and control of technological processes.
Therefore the new established entity could take use of both professional and practical experience of its staff that worked in the development, design and implementation of systems in the process automation area.

Company name: MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.
Headquarters: Tavičská 845/21, 70300 Ostrava 3 - Vítkovice, Czechia
GPS: 49°48'23.449"N 18°15'47.267"E, see Map of company headquarters
Legal Form: Limited Liability Company
Firm ID number: 190 101 41
VAT number: CZ 190 101 41
   The company is registered in the business registry at the Regional Court of Ostrava, section C insert no. 621
Corporate representatives: Ing. Petr NÁVRAT, Ing. Zdeněk MALINA
Foundation date: 1991
Organization structure:
Software group - Development of basic software tools for visualization and control - PROMOTIC system
Application group - Complex system solutions in the field of process automation

Strategic focus of the company

Software group - the activity is focused on research and development of PROMOTIC, the visualization and control system for process automation. Special attention is paid to high-quality services to customers with the guarantee of continuous development tracking the world trends in the area of software technology.
The target client group consists of automation design companies that provide complex deliveries in the field of automation process control.

Application group - the activity is focused on complex deliveries in the field of process automation (measuring and regulation, visualization and control, remote transmissions, ...). The key part is represented by systems for measurement and regulation of energy consumption, systems for controlling heating plants (heat distribution, exchange stations), information telemetric and control systems, control systems of technological processes (steelworks, production lines, etc.), and many others. Special attention is paid to high-quality services to customers with the guarantee of continual service and development.
The target client group are companies using automation process control systems.

Key product

The company´s key product is the PROMOTIC SCADA system - software system for industrial process automation.

PROMOTIC - object-oriented visualized and control system for Windows OS platform.

Based on this key product, there are some additional products:
- System for company power engineering (measuring and regulation of energy consumption)
- System for heat exchanger control
- System for telemetry and remote control


We provide our customers with support and help in the following areas:

- We provide consultation service.
- We provide a study (status evaluation, proposal of technical solution, etc.).
- According to the demand specification we prepare an offer for items stated below.
- We specify hardware and software, dates and prices for the solution, including variants. We prepare a project for the technology process automation.

- We supply optimum components of the PROMOTIC system for the automation solution by client's own designers
- We provide training for working in the PROMOTIC system.
- We provide a HOTLINE support, consultation services and a technical-software support while developing the application.
- We develop and supply complete application software including installation, training and service.

- DELIVERIES, INSTALLATIONS: To follow up the software supplies we can deliver the optimum hardware:
- industrial computers for operator and control stations
- industrial monitors
- input-output cards, communication devices
- backup power supplies
- further components of process control systems.

- COMPLETE PACKAGE SOLUTIONS: We provide a complete package for your process control including:
- project solution
- software and hardware supplies
- supplies of measurement and regulation
- installations, start-up, supply of complete documentation
- operator's training
- warranty and post-warranty service

We "tailor" the application to your needs and requirements. We provide a long-term phased deployment of the control systems.

- We provide warranty and post-warranty service
- Installation of new versions of the system
- Re-configuration of the application software according to the changes in the data structure, the site, etc.
- We guarantee the support in the course of enhancement of the system and its integration with other systems in future.
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