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Video tutorials PROMOTIC:

The following videos are available on the PROMOTIC SCADA system channel on Youtube
These videos provide introduction to the PROMOTIC SCADA system for Windows OS.
The videos will show you how to create a simple SCADA application in this system and explain the basic components.

Tutorial 1 - Basics
In this tutorial we will show how to install the PROMOTIC system
and start creating an aplication emulating the hotel room heating control system.
We will create the first variables and graphic panels.
We will explain the terms data extension and data binding.
We will also learn how to create a simple script, open graphic panels
and the basics of remote application control via the Web.

Tutorial 2 - Trends
In this tutorial, we will explain how to trend the values of variables, i.e. store values with a timestamp.
We will show how to plot graphs of the value progression (so-called trends) using the viewer.
We will explain how to configure the trend viewer and what is a group of rendered trends
and we will show various optimizations to make viewing trends easier.

Tutorial 3 - Alarms+Events
In this tutorial we will explain:
- the concept of alarms (warning of a non-standard situation) and
- the concept of gtalEvents (log of a operational situation).
We will explain how to acknowledge the alarms.
We will show how to view alarms and events using the viewers and how to display their history.

Tutorial 4 - Communication drivers
In this tutorial we will provide general information about communications and data sharing in the PROMOTIC system.
We will show how to communicate using the communication drivers.
We will stop emulating the values of variables and configure the MODBUS communication to obtain them.

Pm9.00.27: All video tutorials have been redone.
Now the tutorial describes creation of application for temperature control in hotel rooms.
It is simpler and more illustrative for training purposes compared to the previous tutorials with the application for boiler room control.
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