Business conditions of PROMOTIC license sales


- Orders of PROMOTIC licenses (runtime license or development environment) are accepted in written form and can be sent by email, or by filling in the electronic order form that can be found at: Orders sent by fax (+420 596 614 301) and postal service are also accepted.
- The orders must always include:
- exact name and domicile of the client (address and zipcode) – this address will be used for invoicing
- tax identification number (VAT ID)
- If the way of delivery and the place of destination is not exactly stated in the order, then the package will be sent by a postal service to the company domicile address. The cash on delivery is sent to a new partner.
- If the received orders are unambiguous, understandable and not in conflict with business terms and conditions, then the orders are confirmed by e-mail and the delivery is sent within three working days. This results in the constitution of purchase contract based on the business conditions of PROMOTIC licenses sale by MICROSYS, spol. s r.o..
- If the order contains request of extension of existing PROMOTIC runtime license, the following has to be stated in the order:
- number of the licence key to be extended.
- email address, for sending the license file.

Order examples

Example 1 - New license:

Price of the new key containing: PmRt100 and PmWebClient.

PmRt100 license price: A = 190,-EUR
PmWebClient with 70% discount: B = (190 * 0.3),-EUR
The total price of this key will be: (A + B),-EUR
Example 2 - License extension:

The original key contains PmRt100 and PmOpcClient licenses. It needs to be extended to PmRt50000 and add 2 PmWebClient.

The price of the original key: A = (190 + 150 * 0.3),-EUR
The price of the new key: B = (1120 + 150 + (2 * 190)),-EUR
The price charged for this extension will be: (B - A),-EUR

Delivery time

- PROMOTIC licenses are dispatched usually within 3 working days after receiving the order.
- Delivery to foreign countries may take longer, depending on customs and postal services.
- It is recommended to arrange delivery of larger number of licenses (20pcs and more) in advance.

License prices

- Prices of all PROMOTIC licenses are calculated according to the current PROMOTIC price list that is valid at the time of ordering. The right of the MICROSYS company to modify the price list is reserved.
- The current price list is available at:
- When sending a price quotation to the interested party, the license prices are guaranteed for 30 days if not stated otherwise in the quotation.

Quantity discounts

- When ordering multiple PROMOTIC licenses in a single order, the quantity discounts are introduced. The following table expresses the relationship between the number of licenses and the amount of quantity discount in percentage:
Discount in % Development environment (pcs) Runtime licenses (number)
0% 1 1-2
5% 2-3 3-5
10% 4-5 6-10
15% 6-7 11-19
20% 8-more 20-more
- If a higher number of licenses is ordered, individual discounts can be negotiated.
- The above stated quantity discounts refer to the development environment and all PROMOTIC runtime licenses, except licenses for PROMOTIC network clients - these have special quantity discount defined directly in the price list. The quantity of network clients used for determining the quantity discount always refers to one key (1PC worstation).
- When purchasing the development environment and runtime licenses together, the discounts are evaluated separately.
- Distributor discounts are defined in individual contracts.

Payment terms

- The method of payment is preferred in this order:
- Cash (if the delivery is picked up personally)
- Payment in advance (based on a pro forma invoice)
- Cash on delivery
- Invoice (bank transfer)
- The due period of invoices is 10 days for domestic customers (Czech Republic) and 21 days for foreign customers. For a larger delivery of licenses, a contract of sale can be agreed and signed, in which partial delivery dates of licenses and corresponding due dates can be defined.
- Discounts and other payment benefits (e.g. sale on invoice) are granted only to those business partners that properly keep terms of payment! If the terms of payment are not observed repeatedly by the customer, the payment in advance (or cash on delivery) is requested for further deliveries.
- If the invoice payments are delayed, the MICROSYS company is entitled to demand contractual penalty of 0,1% of the due amount per each day of the delay.

License distribution methods

- The most common way of PROMOTIC license distribution is using the USB HW Key.
- The license can also be distrubuted using the SW Key with PC hardware components check.
- Caution: This license cannot be relocated to another computer.
- All purchased runtime licenses can be extended anytime in the future with additional licenses. The price difference of the extended runtime licenses is charged.
- All purchased licenses become a permanent content of the license key and cannot be removed.
- The default runtime license extension is implemented by sending the new license file for the licence key by e-mail, or the extended license can be burned directly into the licence key.
- New keys are by default sent to the client by postal service as registered mail consignment.
- Shipping and handling fees are charged for every consignment (see: Price list , PmExped).
- If another way of delivery (express parcell delivery, etc.) is requested by the customer, the extra costs are charged.
- The PROMOTIC development environment is supplied on the flash disc together with the development HW Key and license agreement. The electronic on-line documentation (in HTML format) is also a part of the PROMOTIC system.
- The PROMOTIC development environment without the presence of the development HW Key runs in so-called PmFree mode:
- All components and functions of the PROMOTIC system are available in this mode.
- Applications created in the PmFree mode are limited to maximum 100 variables.
- The PmFree mode of the PROMOTIC system can be used for creating effective, real applications.
- The up-to-date version of the PROMOTIC system is permanently available for download on the Web pages ( The version upgrade of the PROMOTIC system can be implemented by downloading and installing the newer version of the software free of charge.

Warranty terms

- All rights and commitments of the end-user and the license provider (MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.) are stated in the license agreement received by the customer together with the PROMOTIC development environment software.
- The warranty terms are also a part of the license agreement. The 2-years limited warranty is granted to all registered end-users of the PROMOTIC system and its components. The warranty period begins by the transfer of PROMOTIC licenses to the shipper.
- The warranty does not cover the faults caused by an unauthorized interference of the end-user with the PROMOTIC system software.
- The customer has, according to the terms stated in the license agreement, the right to demand fixing the fault(s) free of charge, if the warranty terms are fulfilled. The license provider commits to commence the work on fixing the potential fault(s) of the software within 2 working days. The supplier is not liable for any errors and faults caused by an unauthorized interference to the PROMOTIC system software.

Rights and obligations of the enduser

- The enduser will use the licenced product only in the subjected organisation and will not make the product available for third persons, except for the runtime license that can be used by third persons assuming the appropriate license is bought from the license owner.
- The enduser will not perform any kind of source analysis, decompilation or low-level code conversions.
- The enduser will not lease or borrow the product.
- The enduser can transfer (after approval from MICROSYS) the rights based on the license agreement (the SW, HW Keys, media, documentation, including all updates and upgrades of the product) assuming the new owner agrees with the license agreement and business conditions. If the upgraded product is being transferred, then the transfer must include all previous software versions.
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