PmDB - licence for access to external databases

Basic information:
In the PROMOTIC system there are inbuilt the ODBC, DAO, SQL default interfaces for the access to external databases.
By means of the PmaAdo object (or PmaDatabase) the user has access to databases of several types, for example: dBase, Excel, Microsoft Access, PARADOX, FoxPro, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.
These objects allow to perform both simple and complex database operations of the following types: read/write records, select, sorting, etc.

Trade terms:
The usage of the PmaAdo and PmaDatabase objects requires purchase of the "PmDB" licence. When developing the application in the freeware mode PmFree, or with development environment and while testing it in runtime, this component is always functional.

Note: The PmDB licence is used only for the PmaAdo and PmaDatabase objects functionality. For writing and reading to/from databases or files by another means, this licence is not needed (e.g. saving the data in the PmaTrendGroup object, Pm disk/files methods .. - see Data sharing by files).
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