PmDevForRt - Development environment for runtime version

The PmDevForRt licence allows to edit and develop the application without the necessity of using independent development HW Key.
This component is handy when it is necessary to edit the application while using the development key is not physicaly possible. Such situation usually occures when:
- the application is being tuned remotely, the designer is connected remotely to the computer (e.g. with VPN, etc.) and therefore it is impossible to change the runtime key for development for the modifications to be done and then returning the runtime key back to the remote computer.
- the designer does not want to use his own development key.
- the designer wants to allow the enduser to edit the application.

Limitations of the development environment as for the PmDevForRt licence:
- Size of the application is limited according to the corresponding basic runtime licence.
- In the development environment only the selected components can be used, that are contained in the corresponding runtime licence.
- This development environment is inseparably connected with the corresponding runtime licence.

While using this component we strongly recommend, to set the application to password for application editing. This allows to secure the application from being edited by unauthorized persons.

The PmDevForRt licence can be obtained only as an extension for existing or new PROMOTIC runtime licence.
PROMOTIC 9.0.27 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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