Purchase of the PROMOTIC system licences

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- For the further information see Price list of the PROMOTIC system.
- Published prices are without tax. Distribution and manipulation fee is added to each parcel. The shipping and handling fees will not be charged to EU customers if all licences, invoices, etc. are delivered to the customer in electronic form. See: PmExped.
- The carrier (medium) of the PROMOTIC system develop/runtime licence is usually represented by the USB HW Key When upgrading a licence that already exists, the Licence file SWK extending the content licence carrier is usually used and sent by e-mail. If another licencing method is needed (Software licence key (.swk) bound to specific components of the Windows operating system or PmLicServer licence server) then contact the sales department.

Instructions for licence purchase

The online purchase procedure is divided into 4 steps. The Step 1-4 tabs can be used for easy navigation within the order form. The next step is enabled after the current step is completed by entering the obligatory information.
Step 1 - Choose currency for payment.

Step 2 - The area is divided into two sections that can be used for creating desired licences and inserting the necessary items.
Left section displays the overview of current order. After selecting (green frame is displayed) an item in the left section, the right section displays available actions.
Right section of the form is used for editing the selected (green) item of the order.
Example - How to order a licence containing the following items: (PmRtProf, 3x PmDataClient, PmDB, PmS7)
Click "Add licence" in the left section.
In the right section click "+" for "PmRtProf". This way, the item is inserted into the licence and is displayed in a green frame in the left section.
In the right section, all available items are displayed. Each of them can be added by clicking the "+" button.
Use the empty text field of the "PmDataClient" item, enter number 3 and click the "+" button
Use the same method of clicking the "+" button in order to add the "PmDb" and "PmS7" items
If the item is already inserted into the licence, then there is a "-" button displayed by the item in the right section. This button can be used for removing the item.
The item Carrier .. can be used for changing the Medium that will be used for licence delivery.

Step 3 - Enter the contact information of the customer.

Step 4 - The order overview showing the exact text that will be sent to the supplier. The Print the order button can be used for printing the order form. The Send the order button is used for sending the order to the supplier and finishing the order process.
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