The installation of the PROMOTIC system is very easy. The whole installation proces is managed by a simple guide. The single installation package contains both development environment and runtime environment, including all drivers, interfaces, Web server, graphic library and complete documentation.


Version 9.0 developmental version 31.10.2019 PROMOTIC 9.0.7
Version 8.3 stable version 1.7.2019 PROMOTIC 8.3.31
Version 8.2 stable version 19.11.2015 PROMOTIC 8.2.23
Version 8.1 stable version 24.07.2013 PROMOTIC 8.1.13
Version 8.0 stable version 19.09.2011 PROMOTIC 8.0.13
Version 7.5 stable version 28.06.2012 PROMOTIC 7.5.7


PmLicServer PmLicServer license server 19.10. 2017 Download the PmLicServer license server


PmSwLic License file SWK bound to a specific HW components of the computer  
Download PmSwLic


HASP HW Key driver for PROMOTIC. Driver HASP

Download of promotional and info materials:

Download of promotional and info materials
The PROMOTIC system is being developed
The PROMOTIC SCADA system is being constantly developed in order to respond to current technological trends and user needs. There are 2-3 new PROMOTIC versions being published each year, bringing multiple improvements and new features. Together with each new version of the system, there is always an updated documentation available.
Free upgrades
Contrary to other SCADA systems, the new versions of the PROMOTIC system are available to all developers for free. You can just visit the PROMOTIC Web pages and download the latest installation package.
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