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Download HW Key driver Sentinel (8)

Download HW Key driver Sentinel (8):

hinstall8.exe Driver - from PROMOTIC version 7.3.9 - 8.3.x and Windows OS 11/10/8/7/2008-22Server 22 MB

During the installation the older versions of the PROMOTIC system or after upgrading the Windows OS the installation of the HW Key driver may fail. After such installation the driver must be upgraded.

See Compatibility table Windows OS and PROMOTIC version

The following procedure is recommended:

PROMOTIC version 7.3.9 - 8.3.x
- Download the updated driver
- Before the installation uninstall the previous version of the driver. From the command line enter the path to the PROMOTIC system folder (in older versions the path is C:\Pm) and to the driver of the HW Key hinstall with the -r parameter (for example: C:\Pm\hinstall -r) and confirm.
- Then launch the installatio of updated driver that you have downloaded. Enter the path to the folder of the PROMOTIC system. The installation will copy the updated driver files and then install the new drivers to the system. The result will be reported in a final window.
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