PROMOTIC is a complex SCADA object software tool for creating applications that monitor, control and display technological processes in various industrial areas.

- It is designed for Windows OS 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP/Embedded/2003-22Server and higher (supported Windows versions see PROMOTIC system news).
- Allows effective creation of distributed and open applications in various industrial branches.
- Assigned for all developers and designers.
- Allows to create applications tailored exactly according to the requirements.
- Offers user friendly environment for application design.
- Since version Pm8.0.0 it is possible to run the PROMOTIC system also in a freeware mode, see PmFree - Free development environment and runtime licence of the PROMOTIC system.

There are all necessary components for creating both simple and extensive visualization and control systems built-in the PROMOTIC system:

- Development environment PROMOTIC with a hierarchical object tree.
- Wide offer of PROMOTIC objects.
- JavaScript or VBScript language for writing the algorithms.
- Wide palette of technological images created in vector SVG graphics.
- Graphic objects - both elementary and complex objects configurable on a very general level.
- Automatic panel conversion to HTML and XML format.

- The trend system (i.e. storing values with a timestamp).
- Support of Web by the Internet/Intranet technologies.
- SQL and ODBC interfaces for databases.
- Built-in interfaces: XML, OPC, ActiveX, DDE.
- Communication drivers for access to PLC's.
- User management, permissions and login system.
- Security of running applications.
- PROMOTIC language versions.
- INFO - information and diagnostic system.
- Electronic documentation.

Development environment PROMOTIC

Development environment PROMOTIC is the basic tool for creating applications in the PROMOTIC system, it is used for defining the tree structure of Pma objects, their setting, defining the algorithms, etc.

The built-in JavaScript or VBScript language is used for writing user algorithms in the event programming, for accessing methods and properties of the PROMOTIC system objects or other software applications. It represents unlimited possibilities of application development for the designers.

The information and diagnostic INFO system is available for debugging the application. The INFO system allows to view all important information when running the application. There is also the possibility to debug the running application remotely
- in the Internet and Intranet networks over PROMOTIC Web
- or programs TeamViewer, PCAnyWhere, LapLink, CarbonCopy, etc.

Editor of PmaPanel graphics

Graphics editor serves for creating application graphic panels - by using the Pmg objects that are created by the designer according to his ideas by selecting from the palette of predefined graphic objects. It is possible to enter the properties of these objects, connect them by data binding and this way to animate the created visualization. The link-up by data binding can be made for all important properties of Pmg objects: Color, Position, Size, Value and many others.

Creating own compound Pmg objects is supported and the import/export to XML (to the text data) helps saving designer work and creating the application quickly.

The designer can create panels that are standard Windows windows, with fixed position, fixed size, application windows of full screen size, without windows bars or define the maximum number of simultaneously opened windows.

Examples of graphic capabilities.

PROMOTIC and the Internet

PROMOTIC allows to view the applications remotely by the Web browsers.

Offering the panels is accessible in the form of automatically generated dynamic HTML pages, including backwards actions and control. These dynamic pages of the panels are created automatically in the development environment and they are stored in the application data file. This allows the designer to create a network application from the local application in few minutes.

It is also possible in real time to view on the remote computer the trends, alarms and events of the application in the Web browser.

PROMOTIC Web server provides data transfers and their security by users and permissions configuration.

All transmissions are based on HTTP or HTTPS protocol (can easily pass through firewall).

PROMOTIC as an open system

The PROMOTIC system is characterized by a completely new opened architecture. Build-in standard software interfaces: XML, ActiveX, ODBC, ADO, OPC, DDE, TCP/IP, Web allow full integration of the PROMOTIC system with other software products. Thanks to this conception, it is possible for example, direct link-up of the PROMOTIC system to industrial databases (MS SQL, MySQL, dBase, Access, Oracle, SAP, etc.), link-up with communication servers or other software systems.

PROMOTIC and Trends

A important part of the PROMOTIC system is represented by a powerful trend system. It is based on storing values of the selected variables with a timestamp either in the memory or on the computer disk, making it possible to present these values in the graphic or table form subsequently as the time progress of these variables, or to have them ready for the further analyses.

- The selected variables are optionaly stored in the format: dBase, Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, FireBird, PostgreSQL.
- The trends can be viewed in the Internet/Intranet networks by Web browsers.
- It is possible to save the values periodically, by change or on request.
- It is possible to view multiple application trends in one trendviewer on different computers.
- It is possible to set the shape and color view of each trend.

PROMOTIC and Alarms / Events

The alarm means signaling a state that should not arise on usual conditions (e.g. overrun of technological limits of the variable, failure of the communication, etc.). PROMOTIC has built-in the alarm system that:
- registers alarm states in defined alarm groups
- archives the states
- offers comfortable viewing of the current alarms with filtration, acknowledgement and sound notification
- allows viewing the alarm history.

The event (user event) is a notification regarding the certain activity (e.g. start, end or success rate of the certain process, user action, controlling, etc.). This notification is written into the file on the disk for further viewing. Thus the "chronicle" of the technology progress is created.

PROMOTIC and Communication

The application focused on monitoring and control of technological processes, get or save data from/to external sources. The source of such values can be, e.g.: database, PLC device, disk file, input/output computer card, other server on local or remote computer, etc.

The PROMOTIC disposes of:
- an extensive set of own highly parameterized communication drivers for the following PLC's:
The transmission over radio networks and GSM networks are available.
- Via the built-in standard interfaces OPC, DDE, ActiveX it is possible to be linked up to communication servers from other firms, for example: Simatic, Landis&Gyr, Honeywell, Bernecker&Reiner, Moeller, ABB, Allen-Bradley, Sauter, Unitronics, GE-Fanuc, Festo, Yokogawa, Lonworks, Lenze, and more.
- For creating decentralized applications in the Internet and Intranet networks, communication interfaces with the protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, XML, DCOM are available.

This renders the communication possibilities with surrounding software systems nearly unlimited.

PROMOTIC and Your application security

PROMOTIC offers the following features for security of Your applications:
- Login system of users: name, password, permissions, local and network access
- Possibility to filter all critical keys in Windows OS
- Checking the running application: software WatchDog
- Protection against overfilling the disk: recurrent structure of trends, alarms and events
- Setting password for projects in the development environment - protection of user "know how"

PROMOTIC and language versions

The PROMOTIC system uses the Unicode charset, therefore it is possible to create applications in any national language. Internal system texts are translated into the following languages:
- In the development environment it is possible to choose between English, Czech and Polish language.
- In runtime it is possible to choose the following languages for system texts: Czech, Slovak, English, Polish, German, Russian, French, Hungarian, etc. - see How to create an application using different national languages.

PROMOTIC is ready for quick extension of other language versions.

PROMOTIC - solution suitable for all industrial areas

- power engineering (heat and water power stations, switching stations, cogeneration,...)
- cars movement monitoring
- steelworks (steel furnaces, calcars, coking plants, mill lines, agglomeration, ...)
- ecology (emission monitoring, control of separators, waste water treatment plants, undusting, ...)
- telemetric and control systems (water works, gas works, mines, heat distributions, ...)
- measurings and regulation of energy consumption (electric power, heat, gas, water ...)
- control of food processing technologies (breweries, dairies, sugar refineries, oil presses, mill houses, ...)
- heating plants (exchange stations, boiler rooms, ...)
- chemical industry
- manufacturing industry
- education and research
- etc.

High security of operated applications, favorable price of the PROMOTIC system and top quality services are the guarantees of Your right investment.

PROMOTIC - history

The first version of the visualization and control system PROMOTIC was developed in 1991 for MS-DOS that was successfully implemented in hundreds of applications in the industry (steel works, chemical industry, mines, food processing industry, power engineering, ecology and many others).
In 1994 the company started to develop the PROMOTIC version for Windows OS.
History of versions:
- PROMOTIC version 4 (since 1996)
- PROMOTIC version 2000 (since 2000)
- PROMOTIC version 6 (since 2002)
- PROMOTIC version 7 (since 2006)
- PROMOTIC version 8 (since 2009)
- PROMOTIC version 9 (since 2019)

See PROMOTIC system news.

The developers in MICROSYS company are working on further system improvements in order to offer our customers in the future:
- better comfort of the application development
- greater work efficiency
- closer integration with other software products
- permanent satisfaction by working with the quality, professional tools

The PROMOTIC system for Windows OS is successfully implemented in thousands of applications.

PROMOTIC 9.0.27 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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