Communication with Landis&Gyr regulators

According to the method of the communication we divide Landis&Gyr regulators into two groups:
1st Landis&Gyr of the PRV1 and PRV2 types - communication by means of the PmChar communication driver.
2nd Landis&Gyr of the PRU1, PRU2 and RWP types - communication by the internal Landis&Gyr protocol.

Both types of the communication have the following in common:
The Landis&Gyr regulators are not addressable, it goes about the point-to-point communication type. But it is possible to place a special external converter prior to each Landis&Gyr that provides addressing and the conversion of the line to the RS485 network communication.
Communication is implemented over the programming PG port. Data in the Landis&Gyr have no fixed address and even on the relatively small change of the program in the Landis&Gyr, addresses of variables in the Landis&Gyr are changed. Communication messages that write into the Landis&Gyr, can then cause the crash of the program in the Landis&Gyr when even tiny changes in the Landis&Gyr addresses layout are not accepted. This destruction can be non-reversible !! and even the reset of the Landis&Gyr will not help !! Thus it is important to know the exact address layout in the Landis&Gyr.

Communication by OPC server by the MC Control company

The OPC server from this company is communication driver for devices Landis&Gyr of the type UNIGYR–RWP80 and PRU2 10.64b. Regulators can be connected via the computer's serial port RS232 or via Ethernet. OPC server installer is available on pages OPC server is protected by HW Key. Without HW Key is server limited for one station for one hour.

Data transfer via RS232 interface:
Data transfer RS232 allows connecting max one station RWP80 connected to serial port. Connecting other station requires new communication port.

Data transfer via Ethernet:
The station is connected through communication converter Ethernet/RS-232. It is possible to connect more station to one TCP port, address is determined by IP address in the network.

Trade terms:
- OPC server (The manufacturer: MC Control, spol. s r.o., Doubravice nad Svitavou, Czechia,,
- The usage OPC (the PmOpcUaClient communication driver or PmaOpcDaClient object) requires purchase of the "PmOPC" licence. When developing the application in the freeware mode PmFree, or with development environment and while testing it in runtime, this component is always functional.

Communication by OPC server for PROFIBUS

It is possible to insert the PROFIBUS communication card into the controler of the PRU type. By such controller it is possible to communicate, for example, by the OPC server by the Siemens company.

Communication with PRV1 and PRV2 regulators

The communication with the Landis&Gyr regulators of the PRV1 and PRV2 types is carried out in the PROMOTIC system by means of the PmChar communication driver. For the network communication (over the RS485) it is necessary to equip each Landis&Gyr station by the addressable HW converter.

Point-to-point communication:
The Landis&Gyr regulator can be programmed as the communication Slave (i.e. it waits for communication prompts=messages from the PC). This is the most often and recommended case how to implement the communication of an application with the Landis&Gyr stations. The Landis&Gyr regulator can be programmed as the Master as well (it transmits data to the communication line itself); or it can go about the combination of both approaches.
As a demonstration of the point-to-point communication example is available, where the PC is of the Master type and the Landis&Gyr station is of the Slave type. See: Preconfiguration "PmChar - Communication with Landis&Gyr regulators PRV1". Example is implemented by the PmChar communication driver.

Network communication:
The communication with the Landis&Gyr stations of the PRV1 and PRV2 types can be driven on the RS485 line by intelligent HW converters that provide:
- addressing of the Landis&Gyr regulators.
- security of the Landis&Gyr protocol by the check sum.
- conversion of the RS232 signal to the RS485 - it allows to link up up to 32 Landis&Gyr regulators to one RS485 communication line.

Communication with PRU1/PRU2/RWP regulators by means of DLL library

The communication with the Landis&Gyr regulators of the PRU1, PRU2 and RWP types is implemented over the RS485 industrial network interface by the addressable HW converter and the SW communication driver (DLL library) as follows:
1st On the Landis&Gyr station side the communication is carried out over the PG port (RS232). Prior to each Landis&Gyr station the intelligent HW converter must be located. The HW converter performs:
- additional addressing the Landis&Gyr stations.
- it ensures communication messages by the checksum.
- it periodically provides current data from the Landis&Gyr station for requests from the PC.

2nd On the PC side there is available the communication driver (DLL library). The PROMOTIC system accesses the DLL library by the PmaDll object and calls its functions (reading the data, data writing, etc.). The communication driver keeps the internal database of variables. This provides quick answers to PROMOTIC application requests because it doesn't wait for reading the real value from the Landis&Gyr but the value read from the internal database is returned. For the RS232/RS485 conversion a suitable external HW converter or a HW card into the PC can be used. On using the HW communication card in the PC the condition of the functionality is the correct detection of the HW card in the Windows OS (showing new COM ports in the Windows OS settings).

Trade terms:
- The DLL library and the intelligent HW converter (The manufacturer: CODEA, spol. s r.o., Ostrava, Czechia)
- The usage of the PmaDll object requires purchase of the "PmDllActiveX" licence. When developing the application in the freeware mode PmFree, or with development environment and while testing it in runtime, this component is always functional.
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