Communication with PLC devices by the AMiT company (Czechia)

The following text describes the possible communication options of the PROMOTIC system with PLC devices and IO modules by the AMiT company (Czechia,

Communication via the AtouchX ActiveX object

This document amends the trade-technical information to the AMiT AtouchX communication drivers. The complex information to the AtouchX driver is provided by the AMiT company.

The communication with the AMiT HW (Amiris, Adis, etc.) can be carried out by methods:
- serial link RS232 or RS485
- Phone modem (up to 255 subscribers, AMiT HW can also dial telephone numbers)
- LAN network (Ethernet) - checked that it is 5-times quicker than over the RS485 with the 38400 Bd speed rate.

All 4 types of the connection are supported by only one AtouchX communication driver that was developed by the AMiT company. The AtouchX is supplied as the ActiveX object.
The PROMOTIC system accesses the AtouchX driver by the PmaActiveX object. This object accesses calling the methods AtouchX and captures its events.

- For easy integration of this driver into the application it is handy to use:

Trade terms:
The AtouchX is available on the, where free download is possible.
The usage of the PmaActiveX object requires purchase of the "PmDllActiveX" licence. When developing the application in the freeware mode PmFree, or with development environment and while testing it in runtime, this component is always functional.

Communication with the IO modules by the AMiT company

For example the following modules: DMM-DI24, DMM-DO18, DMM-AI12, DMM-AO8, DMM-RDO12, DMM-PDO6NI6, DMM-UI8(R)DO8, DMM-UI8(R)AO8U, DMM-FCx.
The remote I/O modules by the AMiT company can be accessed in the PROMOTIC application by two ways:

- The of the DMM-xx series modules can communicate by the Modbus protocol RTU. For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:
- For this driver, it is recommended to set the configurators:
- PmaCommGroup > Parameters > Special Parameters > Area base addresses:
- Base address "Bo = Coil/output bits" = 0
- Base address "Bi = Input bits" = 0
- Base address "Ro = Holding/output registers" = 0
- Base address "Ri = Input registers" = 0
- "Data item address" then enter as follows:
- The digital inputs (DI) usually start at address 0 and are in the area "Bi = Input bits".
- The digital outputs (DO) usually start at address 0 and are in the area "Bo = Coil/output bits".
- Analog inputs (AI) usually start at address 0 and are in the area "Ri = Input registers".
- The digital input counters start at address 0 and are in the area "Ro = Holding/output registers".

- For communication of the PROMOTIC application with the modules of the DMM-xx series by the ARION protocol the AMiT company provides the ArionX ActiveX object. This object can be used in the PROMOTIC system.
We strongly recommend using the communication by the Modbus protocol, because the ArionX ActiveX object interface is quite comlicated.
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