Communication with meters CALMEX VKP calorimetric meter

CALMEX VKP is a calorimetric meter produced by: the Sensus Metering Systems, a.s, Stará Turá, Slovakia.

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:

The meter has only one message type. The data in this message are not in standard M-BUS form (do not have DIF/VIF) and therefore the data is obtained according to the meter documentation. It is not possible to use the PmaCommGroup object for this meter because the message does not contain any standard values.

Preset message types for the PmaCommMsg object:
- Reading of measured values:
There are following variables on the "Data-received" tab: Header of M-BUS message (only Addres and IdentNr) followed by: heat quantity (Q), heat power (P), flow volume (V), flow rate (F), Forward temperature [°C] (T1), Return temperature [°C] (T2), etc. (all values contained in the message are received).
Because of the non-standard data the values are not counted automatically in standard units. The information about the measurement units are stored in additional data (e.g. K1Q, K1P, etc.). The received data is described in the "Note" item in automatically generated variables.

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