PROMOTIC SCADA system presentation for you

We offer a free presentation of the PROMOTIC system to all companies interested in our software. The presentation can be provided personally by our experts visiting your company (in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland), or online by using the TeamViewer software (anywhere around the world).

Our experts can present to you:

- the basic concept and principles of our system
- the functionality of most important subsystems
- the architecture and objects
- the procedures of application creation
- the graphic resources and object library
- the communication options (drivers and interfaces)
- the options of data processing (database connection)
- the creation of Web applications
- the licence and price policy
- the offer of trainings and support
- the references and completed projects
- etc.

We will be happy to show you how to create a simple application with standard communication and of course we are ready to answer all your questions.

If you are interested in free PROMOTIC SCADA system presentation in your company please fill in the online form below or contact directly:

- Mgr. David KUBNÝ
Phone: +420 556 205 705
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