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The PROMOTIC system is a comprehensive development tool used for technological process visualization, monitoring and control, of technological processes in various industrial branches. The software complies with all the requirements essential for effective and reliable SCADA class systems, prooved by hundreds of applications running in the European region. Besides that, the PROMOTIC system has proven itself very useful also as an educational tool for the area of visualization and control of industrial processes on high schools and universities.

The significant advantage of our system is the integration of highly sophisticated functionality (fully comparable with WinCC, InTouch, Citect, RSview, etc.), remarkably open architecture and a very fair price. In terms of functionality, the school version of the PROMOTIC system, is identical as the full commercial version, but as a special offer it is now available for 40. It is an on-site multilicence, so after purchasing one school licence, it can be installed on arbitrary number of computers within the educational institution.

The PROMOTIC system is very useful for educational purposes thanks to following properties:
- The scripting system is based on worldwide commonly used programming language JavaScript or VBScript.
- The system can be used for effective demonstration of algorithm creation within the object programming.
- The system allows to model and simulate real systems (PID regulators, etc.).
- The school version is fully functional including the communication drivers, database interfaces, etc.
- Another outstanding feature of the PROMOTIC system is the native multilingual support in the development environment and in runtime (English, German, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian, French, etc.). See also: How to create an application using different national languages.
- For more information please see Information to running PROMOTIC VERSION FOR SCHOOLS.
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