Possible topics

Possible topics of semestral theses

Mathematical data functions, signal processing, etc.:
- Spline point intersection of bezier curves in the PmgCanvas object
- this is a simple example of
- linear algebra (matrix solutions, linear equations)
- differential calculus (smooth curves)
- the exact topic specification will be provided by Ing. Návrat (MICROSYS).
- The MICROSYS company can create the default PROMOTIC application where the student would only add the required code in the JavaScript language
- Required knowledge/skills:
- JavaScript language on basic level
- to be able to specify the input in the form of a set of linear equations and ultimately to solve them as a programmer.
- get familiar with HTML Canvas graphic library - see
- see the Web WIKIPEDIA, keyword "spline"
- and many other
- Preconfigurations for various mathematical functions:
- smallest squares method - line estimation based on data
- FFT - Fast Fourier Transformation
- higher statistical functions

- Fractal rendering - Mandelbrot sets
- Various games
- connect five
- mines
- shooters
- Various vizual quizes
- containers pouring liquid

Possible topics of bachelor/diploma theses

Graphic objects:
- creating graphic objects to be included in PROMOTIC graphic library
- canvas, preconfigurations, pseudo 3D technological bitmaps

- Arduino – Ethernet (Modbus)
- Create procedure for usage of available libraries (add description into documentation PROMOTIC)
- Serial link communication is already described in PROMOTIC documentation

Technological preconfigurations:
- Fuzzy regulator
- preconfiguration - similar to existing PID (see Preconfiguration "PID controller")

- Smart home
- regulation/data acquisition (real or emulated)
- graphic, control
- interface for connection to real data
- Access system/personell security system
- personell and working hours management
- reading access cards/chips
- Restaurant
- table layout/billing
- communication with tablets/smartphones
- cash desk
- Possible topics
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