PmFree - Free development environment and a runtime licence of the PROMOTIC system

The PROMOTIC system, since version Pm8.0.0, allows to develop and run PROMOTIC applications without the licence key for free, i.e. as a freeware. The installation package of the PROMOTIC system is identical for both commercial and freeware users – it is free for download (see All communication drivers and interfaces available in the full version are also available in the freeware mode. The limitation of the freeware mode is the maximum application size and maximum number of graphic panels (see below).

PmFree is for example suitable for:
- Home use:
- Centralized control panels for "Intelligent houses".
- Monitoring and control of heating, air conditioning, security systems, ...
- Software tool providing the possibility to create self designed applications to everybody interested in contemporary monitoring and control technologies.
- Industrial use:
- Freeware supporting software for automation hardware (embedded systems, industrial control panels, PLCs, heat meters, etc.).
- Design of simple industrial applications.
- Hardware and communication testing platform.

PmDevFree - Free development environment

Developing the application without the licence key has just one limitation: the size of the application must be up to 100 variables. For developing applications exceeding the limit, it is necessary to buy the PmDevProf - PROMOTIC development environment licence licence.

While developing the application using the PmDevFree, the application can also be launched in the runtime mode. The "Runtime licence type" configurator must be set to "PmRtFree - free runtime, limited application size".
If the application has maximum 30 variables and 10 graphic panels then it runs in PmRtFree mode - i.e. such application can be operated without time limit free of charge.
If the application is bigger then it can be launched into a testing/debug mode that is stopped after some time - see mode PmRtTestFree for more details.

PmRtFree - Free runtime licence

The PROMOTIC application with the size up to 30 variables and 10 graphic panels can be runned with no time limit even without the licence key.
Additional limitations:
- Only one PROMOTIC application can be launched on one computer.
- The applications running on multiple computers cannot communicate with each other via the XML communication.
- Server type communication drivers are disabled, it means: PmCharServer.
- The variables that are included into application size count (variables in objects PmaData, PmaDataTable, PmaCommGroup, PmaOpcDaClientGroup, PmaTrendGroup ...) cannot be used for storing values of the Object type and of the Array type.
- If the PROMOTIC application acts as a Web server, then 2 Web clients PmWebClient access is allowed.
- When the application exceeds the size of 30 variables and 10 graphic panels then it is launched in PmRtTestFree regime. This regime cannot be used for running real applications. For this purpose, buying the PROMOTIC Runtime licence with a licence key will be necessary while meeting the conditions of the licence agreement.
Variables that are counted into the total application size are in objects PmaData, PmaOpcDaClientGroup, PmaTrendGroup, PmaCommGroup, PmaCommMsg, in obsolete objects PmaNumber and PmaString and in data extension ExtSubVar.
The number of variables of the application expresses the extent and complexity of the application. The total number of application variables is the sum of all data variables of the application. According to the number of variables, the licence price is then defined. See Basic runtime licence and Price list.
The information about current application size can be found in the editor of Pma objects, in the root object (in the PmaRoot object), in the "Object size and licence" configurator.

Pm8.03.08: Tighten conditions for PmFree - Free development environment and a runtime licence of the PROMOTIC system applications. Following limitations were added to runtime:
- Maximum number of 10 panels (PmaPanel objects) can be used.
- The Value of the Object type and of the Array type can not be stored into variables of PmaData, PmaDataTable, PmaCommGroup, PmaOpcDaClientGroup objects.
Pm8.00.01: The maximum number of enabled PmWebClient has been increased from one to two.
Pm8.00.00: Created
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