Development environment PROMOTIC

The development environment is used to create PROMOTIC application.
The development environment is a program in the PROMOTIC system that is located in folder:
The whole development environment is optimized for mouse control, but it can also be controlled by keyboard.
The development environment consists of multiple editors:

Pma objects editor

This is the editor of tree structure of application basic objects (so-called the Pma objects), their settings, definition of algorithms, etc..

The tree structure is created in the Objects tree window (the window on the left). For setting individual Pma objects (their functionality, definition of algorithms) the Objects definition window (the window on the right).

See also:

- Pma object preconfigurations

- Basic control of Pma objects editor

- Menu and toolbar of the development environment

- "User description" window

PmaPanel object graphics editor

This editor is used to create the graphics (Pmg objects) of the PmaPanel object. It is a WYSIWYG editor of Pmg objects that creates the application graphic panels (SCADA application GUI).
The editor is located on the "Graphic" page of the PmaPanel object.
See also:

- Editor of PmaPanel graphics

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Other editors

The development environment contains multiple additional editors and tools. These are for example:
- Script editor: In each Pma object or Pmg object it is possible to create algorithms in JavaScript or VBScript language.

This editor is located on the "Events" page or Methods page or can be opened in the Manager of application scripts window.

- and many others

Pm8.03.18: Fixed bug: Sometimes the settings on the "PmaRoot > Users" page were lost.
- Created Manager of configuration files. Allows easy creation of *.ini or *.xml configuration files that can then be read by the $.cfgfile macro expression.
- Created Application backup manager. Allows easy application backup management, opening older backups and set backup parameters etc.
- Major improvements of window design configuration in application editor and in panel editor.
- In the object configuartion window, there is an object path indicated on the top. Clicking this path can be used to navigate to any other object. This way it is possible to switch between object easily.
- Editing by keyboard (without mouse) is now supported: Pressing the Alt key shows the shortcut letters for each configurator and after pressing the letter the focus is moved to the selected configurator. The concept of such letter is hiearachic, i.e. some letter may represent a set of configurators and after pressing such letter another letters are indicated for sub-configurators. This way it is possible to move around quickly while designing an application.
- The "Disabled object" configurator is extended by the option to enter Macro expression $.cfgfile and this way it is possible to define which objects are to be activated in the application by defining them in the configuration file.
- The "Object accessible via variable" configurator is now considered obsolete and therefore it is hidden in new apps and in applications that did not use it.
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