Folders and files of the PROMOTIC system

Folder structure of the PROMOTIC system:

\Promotic - Main folder of the PROMOTIC system.
\PmVXXYY - Folder containing current PROMOTIC version (for example Pm9001600, Pm80332, Pm70507).
There can be multiple such folders here (i.e. multiple versions can be here simultaneously).
See Folders and files of the PROMOTIC application.
PromoticRt32.exe - Program for 32bit runtime of the corresponding version.
PromoticDt32.exe - Program for 32bit development environment of the corresponding version.
PromoticRt64.exe - Program for 64bit runtime of the corresponding version.
PromoticDt64.exe - Program for 64bit development environment of the corresponding version.
\Anim - Files of the gif type to be used for the PmgAnimImage object.
\Img - Files of the svg / png type to be used for the PmgRasterImage object.
\Old - Old images (bmp files) used only for old applications compatibility reasons.
\Report - Files of the htm type to be used for the PmaReport object.
\Sound - Files of the wav type used for sound configuration. For example:
- for the Pm.PlaySound method.
- in alarms, the "Sound parameters" configurator.
\GCfg - Folder of of the PROMOTIC system configuration files (for example PmManager.ini, PromoticDt.ini, etc.).
\GTemp - Folder of of the PROMOTIC system temporary files (for example PmManager.log, LicServer.log, etc.).
\LicServer - Folder of PmLicServer licence server program.
\Licences - Folder of SWK licence files.
\Tools - Folder containing additional software utilities of the PROMOTIC system.
\HwKey - Licence hardware key driver. See hinstall.exe - Hardware key driver.
\MsSQL - Additional tools for the MS SQL database. See MS SQL Server or MS SQL Server Express configuration.
\PmDbAdmin - Simple database manager for MsSQL and CompactSQL. See PmDdAdmin - administration of SQL databases.
\PmHttpConfig - Configuration of HTTP/HTTPS Windows service. See PmHttpConfig.exe.
\PmRtManager - Manager of running applications. See PmRtManager.
\PmSignal - Component enabling event detection from another application. See onAppSignal.
\PmSwLic - A tool that collects information regarding PC hardware that is then used for creation of software licence key. See Software licence key (.swk) bound to specific components of the WINDOWS operating system.
\SafeOper - Additional tools for securing applications against unauthorized actions of the user. See SafeOper.
\Apps - Folder containing various PROMOTIC applications. This folder can also be placed outside \Promotic.
\Application1 - Folder for single PROMOTIC application. See Folders and files of the PROMOTIC application.
PmManager.exe - PROMOTIC system main program. See PmManager.
PmCfg.ini - Main configuration file of the PROMOTIC system.

Protection of of the PROMOTIC system folders

While the of the PROMOTIC system is being installed, the folders are protected as follows:
- The protection of the PROMOTIC main folder, the licence server folder (\Promotic\LicServer), the tools folder PROMOTIC (\Promotic\Tools) and the versions folder (Since version Pm9.0.2) is set so only the users with administrator rights can make modifications. Based on the fact that deleting, renaming, inserting or other modifications to these folders and subfolders can be done only by administrators, these folders are protected against unauthorized access. Therefore it is not possible to replace the executable or binary files of the PROMOTIC system by other files containing malicious code.
- The protection of other foders is set to allow any logged-in user do changes.
This way all users and running programs can access:
- application folders (\Promotic\Apps),
- configuration files folders (\Promotic\GCfg),
- temporary files folders (\Promotic\GTemp),
- licence files folders (\Promotic\Licences) etc.
- If the main folder of the of the PROMOTIC system is not located in the root of the drive or in the Program Files folder of the Windows operating system then the protection of the parent folders of the PROMOTIC main folder is not set during the installation. Therefore it is necessary to manually set the permissions of all folders located between the root of the drive and the PROMOTIC main folder. This can be done e.g. on the "Security" tab of the folder properties in Windows file explorer.
- The protection settings of the of the PROMOTIC system or the selected subfolder in the main folder can be set on the "Tools and settings > Security" tab of the PmManager program. If the protection of the of the PROMOTIC system is disabled then the installation of following versions of PROMOTIC will not activate the protection of the folders.

This folder structure is valid since version Pm9.0.0.

In versions PROMOTIC 8 and lower the current PROMOTIC version was stored e.g. in the "C:\Pm" folder and the applications in another folder (e.g. C:\PmProj).
Such structure had certain disadvantages:
- It was complicated to work with multiple PROMOTIC versions. Other versions had to be located in individual folders (e.g. C:\Pm75) and the versions had to be switched by means of the PmReg.bat file.
- This caused that the PROMOTIC system including the applications were scattered into multiple folders on the disk.
- There were no version manager PmManager.

Pm9.00.00: Created
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