Widgets of the PROMOTIC system

Widgets are represented by external graphic objects in of the PROMOTIC system, that display dynamic content in the html page and are placed in the PmaPanel object. They can be completely independent of the application itself, but can also display the data provided by the application graphically.

Preconfigurations for widgets that display data provided by the application:
Pmg objects preconfigurations
Creates the PmgFrame object with formatted text in html page
Creates the PmgButton object that opens html page with formatted text
Pma object preconfigurations
A uniform procedure and interface is chosen for such widgets.
The panel contains the PmgFrame object that refers to the html page widget.htm in the PmaWebDir subobject. This request in the PmaWebDir.onPageModify event invokes the widget method. It creates an html page with a link to the desired "widget" library which it parameterizes. Part of the page is a script that requests data for displaying. This is provided by the data method.

The "widget" libraries themselves can be placed locally in the application or at a remote URL.

This can be done when using other suitable graphical widgets. But it is necessary to find out and comply with the licensing terms when using them in the application itself.

Some widgets may require support for Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to display them in the local application. It would be necessary for this support to be installed in Windows OS. The component is called Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime version Evergreen. And its use must be enabled in the application's INI file.
See WebView2 (Edge)
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