Instructions for installation of the PROMOTIC system 9

Supported platforms: Windows OS 11/10/8/7/2008-22Server. See PROMOTIC system news.
The PROMOTIC system installation package contains all components stated in the price list.
It is possible to use all components in the Freeware / Demo mode.
In order to use all components for unlimited time in applications bigger than 30 variables it is necessary to purchase the corresponding licences.

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Before the first download we highly recommend you to read the following instructions carefully.

Note: The version number of the PROMOTIC system:
The PROMOTIC system is continuously innovated by its authors. Every new PROMOTIC version is marked by the number of Service Pack (this is important to know, for example, for later updates by newer versions, on technical questions, etc.). The PROMOTIC version is labeled as follows:
Promotic9.XX.YY.R - where "XX" is version number, "YY" is the number of Service Pack and "R" is revision number (e.g. "Promotic9.0.27.0")

FIRST installation of the PROMOTIC system 9

Launch the Promotic9xxyyr.exe installation file and follow the setup program instructions.

Upgrade of older PROMOTIC version 9 installed in the computer

Launch the Promotic9xxyyr.exe installation file. The installation program recognizes the previous installed version on the computer.
By continuing the installation the new version will be added automatically while the original version stays installed.
Only the files that are common for all versions can be replaced.
During the installation the protection of the PROMOTIC system folders will be activated automatically - see Protection of of the PROMOTIC system folders.
The management of all installed versions can be easily done by the PmManager utility, that is included.

The transition between PROMOTIC 8 to PROMOTIC 9

The PROMOTIC 9 installation will recognize, whether there is any previous PROMOTIC 8 version installed on the computer:
1) creates a functional copy of this folder in the \Promotic folder
2) uninstalles the original version

Remove the PROMOTIC 9

Select Add/Remove Programs from the menu option Start/Settings/Control Panel in Windows OS (this may differ by the OS version).
From the list of installed programs select the item PROMOTIC9 and confirm it by the button.
The installation program opens the window where you select and confirm the required option.

Possible installation problems

Problem with Windows Remote Desktop installation:
The installation of Hardware (USB) licence key driver is a part of the PROMOTIC system installation process.
Because the access to HW resources of the server is limited in this mode, the installation of this driver must be executed locally.
See: PROMOTIC system and Windows remote desktop (RDP).

Tips and recommendations

We recommend the following methods for beginners to familiarize with the PROMOTIC system:
- For beginner users there are training videos and individual trainings.
- When working with the system, use built-in on-line PROMOTIC documentation (the context help - can be opened by pressing the F1 key).
- We would be pleased to answer all Your possible questions.

Description of installation windows

1. Installation language selection window
2. Licence agreement window
3. Installation type window
Installation target folder
Installation type (Standard, Expert,...)
4. The PROMOTIC system components setup
Setting of the shortcut on the desktop and in the Start menu
Additional components setup by type and selection of installation items
5. Installation progress window
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