PROMOTIC system and Windows remote desktop (RDP)

This chapter describes the usage of the PROMOTIC system by using the Windows remote desktop (by means of RDP protocol). The Windows remote desktop allows to display the Windows desktop on remote computer. This approach is suitable for both short term remote access and permanent operation of the remote computer.

The Windows remote desktop can be used for displaying the desktop of remote physical computer or remote desktop of virtual Windows computer.

There are multiple ways of achieving that. Most commonly, the instruments integrated in OS Windows are being used. The client program using RDP protocol, allowing to access remote desktop is built in all OS Windows. Moreover some OS Windows versions (server) allow to offer the Windows desktop to remote clients.

The specificity of using PROMOTIC system via Windows remote desktop by the RDP protocol

The main problem connected with operation of the PROMOTIC system via Windows remote desktop by the RDP protocol is the limitation of permissions of the program launched in user mode by the remote user. The PROMOTIC application launched this way does not have access to the HW Key (USB) and therefore cannot read its licence. PROMOTIC behaves as there is no licence key present in the USB port of the computer (physical or virtual). On the other hand, a program running as service, launched by the Windows remote desktop (remote user session), can access the HW Key. This can be used in order to solve the licece access problem of the PROMOTIC system via the Windows remote desktop.

PmLicServer licence server (included in the PROMOTIC installation) is running as service by default thus having access to HW Key even in Windows remote desktop mode (RDP). This is important because PmLicServer itself is protected by its HW Key and this protection is functional even in remote desktop session. PmLicServer provides network licences to PROMOTIC applications via the network protocols HTTP or HTTPS. The applications can be located on the same PC (localhost) or on other PCs in the network.

The practical solution for licencing PROMOTIC application that are managed or operated via Windows remote desktop (RDP) is to run the PmLicServer licence server on the same computer with the specific PROMOTIC application. This way it is possible to overcome the limitation of the PROMOTIC application problem on Windows remote desktop while all necessary SW and HW components are concentrated on a single PC.

This is a standard solution of licencing local PROMOTIC application by PmLicServer that provides the application with a licence either on hwkey - Hardware (USB) licence key or netkey - Network licence key. This is also a recommended solution for Windows remote desktop (RDP) limited access to a HW Key.

This solution requires the computer (service) to have access to HW Key (USB). If this is a virtual computer, then it is necessary to let it have access to the HW Key in USB permanently. This can be achieved by software means (accesing the USB on physical HOST of the computer as USB in virtual GUEST computer) or by means of another HW device that allows to operate virtual USB ports via Ethernet.

Accessing licences contained in a hardware key via the local licence server:
Configuration file PmLicServer.ini - PmLicServer licence server
Application ini file:

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