Installation of any version of the PROMOTIC system 9.xx.yy will also install the program PmManager - Manager of PROMOTIC applications and versions to your computer.

If you have any PROMOTIC version (e.g. Pm80329) installed on the computer in the "C:\Pm" folder, then the complete folder will be copied to C:\Promotic\ and renamed to corresponding version (in this case to Pm80329).

PmManager is a complex manager of all applications that are located on the computer (the "Applications" tab) and also the corresponding versions of the PROMOTIC system (the "PROMOTIC versions" tab).
After the first installation the application list is empty and the list of version contains just the currently installed PROMOTIC version, eventually the originally installed version.
Configuration tabs:
ApplicationsApplication management tab - allows adding, deleting and running PROMOTIC applications
PROMOTIC versionsPROMOTIC versions management tab - allows installing, adding and deleting a PROMOTIC version
LicencesThe tab used for PROMOTIC licence management - allows management of the program PmLicServer and licence carrier PmSWkeyWIN
Tools and settingsManager setup tab - allows basic and extended setup of the manager

Pm9.00.12: During the installation and in the PmManager program an option was added allowing to set higher security of the PROMOTIC system folders. It defines whether the changes to these folders can be done by any user or only the users with admin rights.
- In both the Applications and PROMOTIC versions tabs, the layout of control elements was modified and a toolbar was added. The toolbar now contains individual buttons for launching the development environment and the runtime environment.
- On the "Tools and settings" tab it is now possible to choose whether doubleclicking on PRA file launches the PmManager program, Development environment PROMOTIC or Runtime PROMOTIC.
Pm9.00.00: Created
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