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PROMOTIC runtime licence

- The runtime licence entitles the user to run the application created by the PROMOTIC development environment for unlimited time period on one computer. The runtime licence consists of:
- the HW Key or
- the HW Key supplemented by the extended licence file or
- Upgrading to newer PROMOTIC versions can be done for free for the licences not older than 10 years. The free upgrade period of older licences can be extended - see the PmUpgrade10 item.
- In the case of the request to extend already purchased runtime licences by new licences, the price difference of the runtime licences has to be paid extra. The extension of the runtime licence is performed by sending the licence file by email. New runtime licences can be distributed also by sending new licence key - replacing the old one.
- The customer can assemble the licence
- either by selecting components according to his requirements from the menu
- or choose the PmDriverPack package.

BASIC runtime licence - mandatory

This part of the licence can always be purchased for the given application if the application size exceeds number of variables defined for PmFree - Free development environment and runtime licence of the PROMOTIC system.
The licence allows to operate one or more PROMOTIC applications on one computer.
Parts of the basic runtime licence are, among others, alarm and event system, trends (i.e. saving and viewing values of selected variables with a timestamp), panels, system of users and permissions, debug tools, security components, etc.

There are 4 basic PROMOTIC runtime licence types - according to the application size:
- PmRtFree - Free runtime licence: size of the application up to 30 variables and 10 graphic panels (without the licence key)
- PmRt100: size of the application up to 100 variables
- PmRt500: size of the application up to 500 variables
- PmRt1000: size of the application up to 1 000 variables
- PmRt5000: size of the application up to 5 000 variables
- PmRt50000: size of the application up to 50 000 variables
- PmRtProf: unlimited size of the application

Variables that are counted into the total application size are in objects PmaData, PmaOpcDaClientGroup, PmaTrendGroup, PmaCommGroup, PmaCommMsg, in obsolete objects PmaNumber and PmaString and in data extension ExtSubVar.
The number of variables of the application expresses the extent and complexity of the application. The total number of application variables is the sum of all data variables of the application. According to the number of variables, the licence price is then defined. See Basic runtime licence and Price list.
The information about current application size can be found in the Pma objects editor, in the root object (in the PmaRoot object), in the "Object size and licence" configurator.

OPTIONAL runtime licences:

The basic runtime licence can be extended by optional runtime licences:
- PmOPC (OPC client)
- PmDB (databases)
- PmDllActiveX (ActiveX objects and DLL library)
- Clients licences: PmDataClient (basic), PmWebClient (full).
- Communication licences: Communication with PLC devices and a technology by PROMOTIC communication drivers.

Packet PmDriverPack

Discounted licence package PmDriverPack allows access to all standard interfaces PmOPC, PmDB, DDE, PmDllActiveX and communication drivers. This package can be purchased for any runtime licence.

Pm8.00.01: Fixed bug: when stopping the application with runtime licence the unnecessary window was opened (bug since Pm8.0.0 version).
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