Software licence key (.swk) bound to specific components of the Windows OS

"The SW Key bound to specific components of the Windows OS" is one of the less commonly used ways of the PROMOTIC system runtime licence distribution.
The most frequently used method of the PROMOTIC system licence distribution is using the HW Key (USB version). "The SW Key bound to specific components of the Windows OS" is usually used for virtual computers or single-purpose devices, where the HW Key cannot be used as optimal solution. The main disadvantage of this licence distribution method is the limited mobility of the key from one computer to another.
In order to use such licencing option the application must be created in the PROMOTIC system version Pm9.0.9 (i.e. version since 2020) and newer.

This PROMOTIC licence carrier type is bound with the Windows operating system of the target computer and cannot be simply relocated from one operating system to another. The change of binding of the licence to the Windows operating system can be done only once every 2 years. In order to change such binding, new carrier (.swk file) must be generated and purchased. The original content of the licences will be transferred to this new carrier (.swk file).

If the customer requests runtime licence in the form of "SW Key bound to specific components of the Windows OS" then the PmManager can be used, or the PmSwLic.exe utility can also be used. It is available in the \Promotic\Tools\PmSwLic folder or can be downloaded:
Run this utility on the target computer (where the PROMOTIC application will be running) in a normal way (not "Run as administrator"). The utility must be "Run as administrator" only if the PROMOTIC application that will be running on this computer will also be launched "as administrator". When launched, this utility creates the PmSwLic.dat file in the same folder that contains specific component information of the Windows OS. This file must then be sent to the MICROSYS company by email in order to generate the licence.
Caution: Launching the PmSwLic.exe program may be prevented by installed antivirus software.

Based on the information contained in the PmSwLic.dat file, the MICROSYS company creates the corresponding licence file PmXXXX.swk, that includes the complete PROMOTIC runtime licence (PmXXXX.swk is the filename of the corresponding licence file).
In the file name of the licence file, there is a licence number (e.g. the licence file name is Pm3401.swk, where 3401 is the licence number).

The licence expansion of such key is done the same way as HW Key expansion, i.e. the expanded key number must be stated.
In the case of major modification of target runtime computer, when the corresponding SW Key stops working, it is necessary to consult the MICROSYS company in order to reanimate the application.

- The licence file it is necessary to copy into the "?:\Promotic\Licences" folder.
- In the application INI file the Media key in the [Licence] section must be modified the folowing way:

- This licence cannot be transferred to another computer !
- The licence file (i.e. PmXXXX.swk file) is explicitly bound with the specific computer components of the Windows OS (WindowsId, SystemId, DomainName, ...).
- The licence file contains the complete licence.
- The licence file it is necessary to copy into the "?:\Promotic\Licences" folder.
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