PROMOTIC 9.0 - Release notes

See also: PROMOTIC system news.

Version 9.0.13 (from 21.10.2020) - stable version

- PmOpcUaClient communication driver: Fixed bug: When writing into the variables in the PmaCommGroup object the communication was sometimes terminated.
- PmSMS communication driver: new "Character set" configurator enabling the UTF-8 coding for the modem.
- How to create an application using different national languages: Added new supported runtime national languages: Estonian (et).
- ExtWriteAction object: Added testing of the written value for quality, minimum and maximum

Version 9.0.12 (from 11.9.2020) - stable version

- PmManager: In the PmManager program an option was added allowing to set higher security of the PROMOTIC system folders. It defines whether the changes to these folders can be done by any user or only the users with admin rights.
- PmaTrendGroup object: Fixed bug: Bugfix of record reading via GetValueByTime and GetData methods. The filename comparation was case sensitive by mistake.
- PmaSequencer object: Fixed bug: Bugfix of sequencer running in another thread.
- PmaAlarmGroup object: Fixed bug: Bugfix of dynamic PmAlarmItem and onStateChange.
- New preconfiguration:
- Preconfiguration File explorer

Version 9.0.11 (from 3.8.2020) - stable version

- Development environment: Added functionality of editing multiple Pma objects simultaneously in tabs of the of the development environment.
- The "Web" tab of the PmaWeb object: New "Extended configuration" configurator with the option HttpHeaders. Allows for example entering the name and value of HTTP headers that will be inserted into each HTTP transmission.
- PmaPanel.GetLastRefresh method: New method. This is used for obtaining the time when this panel requested data (locally or on the web) for the last time

This way it is possible to determine whether the panel is currently open (locally or on the web) and then, for example, modify the communication period.

- Application INI file description (Application.ini): New keys MediumDt and MediumRt allow setting another licence for the development environment or for runtime environment.
- New preconfiguration:
- Preconfiguration File manager

Version 9.0.10 (from 22.5.2020) - stable version

- Editor of Pmg objects: Added Drag&Drop functionality in the tree of Pmg objects.

Selected Pmg object can be easily grabbed by mouse and dragged in order to move/copy it in front or behind another Pmg object.

- Prototypes and instances: Bugfixes and improvements of local and global Pma and Pmg prototypes.
- when renaming the prototype it is possible to define whether the name of the prototype is to be changed also in all its instances
- when removing the prototype it is possible to define whether all instances are to be removed together with the removal of the prototype
- in the prototype selection window, it is now possible to create new local/global Pma or Pmg prototype
- the PmaFolder object can now be copied into a new PmaPrototype global object
- the PmgPane object can now be copied into a new PmaPrototype global object
- PmBuffer.CalcCheckSum method: New method for calculating various checik sums for data contained in the bufferu.
- Data extensions ExtComm and ExtOpcDa: These objects now have new properties RecalcD, RecalcK and RecalcQ that can be used changing the recalculation values in the script.

Version 9.0.9 (from 18.3.2020) - stable version

Since this version, the Promotic9.0 is considered stable. Only necessary bugfixes and new features not affecting system stability will be added to this version.
- PmOpcUaClient communication driver: New driver for communication with OPC UA servers.
- Pm.CreateView method: New method for opening various viewers (panel = PmaPanel, report = PmaReport, form = PmForm, etc.).

This method replaces the method OpenView and provides simpler and more general approach to opening various types of viewers in the PROMOTIC system.

- PmaGlobal new object: New Pma object located at the beginning of the application ojects tree named #Global, where both application (PmaPrototype object) and graphic (PmgPrototype object) prototypes can be placed.

The graphic prototypes no longer need to be located only in a single panel, but a single prototype can be used in multiple panel simultaneously.

In this version, the global graphic prototype can only be edited as instance in a panel, but in the following versions there will be a simpler way of editing the global prototype directly.

- PmArray.Sort method: New method for array sorting.
- PmaRoot.AddEventTimer method: New method for running JavaScript function with time delay or repeat period in scripts of Pma objects.

Version 9.0.8 (from 13.12.2019) - developmental version

- PmManager:
- In both the Applications and PROMOTIC version tabs, the layout of control elements was modified and a toolbar was added. The toolbar now contains individual buttons for launching the development environment and the runtime environment.
- On the "Tools and settings" tab it is now possible to select whether doubleclicking on PRA file launches the PmManager program, Development environment PROMOTIC or Runtime PROMOTIC.
- PmDdAdmin - administration of SQL databases: Bugfix for SQL Server 2017 - sometimes it was not possible to create or delete a database
- New preconfigurations:
- Preconfiguration Masuring device

Version 9.0.7 (from 31.10.2019) - developmental version

- $.expr macro expression: The pVar variable can be used in the expression (object of the PmVar type).
- The "Group" tab of the PmaAlarmGroup object: New configurators State viewer and History viewer for enetering the path to state and history viewer.
- The "Group" tab of the PmaEventGroup object: New "History viewer" configurator for entering the path to history viewer.

Version 9.0.6 (from 9.10.2019) - developmental version

- The "Group" tab of the PmaAlarmGroup object: New configurators Allow alarm storage at short application shutdown and Maximum time of application shutdown [s] for setup of active alarm saving while the application is temporarily shut down.
- PmgRoot.AddEventTimer method: New method for running JavaScript function with time delay or repeat period in a panel (in the graphics of the PmaPanel object).
- New preconfigurations:
- Preconfiguration Panel with a table of the PmfTable type
- Preconfiguration PmgForm with PmfTable table

Version 9.0.5 (from 19.9.2019) - developmental version

- PmBuffer object:
- LoadFromFile and SaveToFile new methods: These methods allow writing or reading into/from a binary file. These methods replace methods Pm.FileBinaryRead and Pm.FileBinaryWrite that are not functional in the JavaScript language and therefore considered obsolete.
- GetBit and SetBit new methods: Methods allowing bit access into a data block.
- Pm.GetSystemInfo method: New options:
- "app.lastuseracttime" returns the time of last user activity. Allows e.g. to disconnect the user after defined time period of inactivity. See Example3.
- "tz.bias.standard" returns the time shift (bias) between UTC and local standard time.
- "tz.bias.daylight" returns the time shift (bias) between UTC and local daylight saving time.
- Pm object: InfoLogReg and InfoLogAdd new methods: Methods allow registering a new item into the INFO system and then adding new entries into item. This is functional extension of the Pm.Debug method for user defined logging.

Version 9.0.4 (from 25.7.2019) - developmental version

- PmBuffer new object: New object that holds multiple values in a single memory block in binary form. This block can then be saved in the form of a HexaString (e.g. for drivers PmChar or PmCharServer).
- PmForm object: New subobject PmfTable that can be used to assign a table of values into the form.
- PmArray object: New methods Insert and Remove for adding and removing items in the array.
- Bugfix in several communication drivers. In version Pm9.0.3, the core of all communication drivers was upgraded (in order to add the new PmCharServer driver) and some other drivers also had to be modified.

Version 9.0.3 (from 1.7.2019) - developmental version

- PostgreSQL database: This data base is now supported in the PROMOTIC system. It can be used (the same way as other supported databases) in objects PmaAdo, PmaTrendGroup, PmaAlarmGroup and PmaEventGroup.
- PmaPanel object: Panel compilation was removed. All modifications of the graphics content are saved automatically when the complete PmaPanel object is saved.
- PmCharServer communication driver: New driver of the Ethernet-Server type. The PROMOTIC application can act as server offering defined data (text or bináry) to other clients.
- MQTT communication protocol: New preconfiguration for the PmChar communication driver.

The client can be of Subscriber or Publisher type (i.e. the preconfiguration can do both reading and writing).

At this moment the communication does not support encryption.

- PmLicServer licence server: Renamed and modified licence server.

In previous versions, the licence server name was PmNetKey.exe and was available as independent program for installation.

Now it is named PmLicServer.exe and is included in the installation of each corresponding PROMOTIC version (it is possible to select only the installation of PmLicServer in the install options).

Version 9.0.2 (from 8.3.2019) - developmental version

- Runtime PROMOTIC: The PROMOTIC system now supports also 64-bit versions of both runtime and development environments.
- Users and permissions: New logging-in by names and passwords of Windows users, so the user management is then provided by Windows resources.

Logged-in user is then a member of PROMOTIC user groups based on his membership in corresponding Windows user groups.

- PmChar communication driver: Fixed bug: After closing the port the message of the Slave type was not completed correctly.
- PmaCommGroup.onDataReceive event: New property pEvent.Attr that can be used to detect whether the message that triggered this event was the first or the last.
- The "Text" tab of the PmgString object: Fixed bug: The Alignment horizontal configurator with "Right" value did not work correctly in local panel.
- OpenView method: New option screen,x,y in the sParams parameter allowing absolute positioning of the window in Windows grid system.
- Pm.RestartGui method: New method. Executes restart of the application graphic interface.
- The configurators of an alarm item: Modification in the "Priority" configurator from three possible values 0,5,10 to a range of values 0-10.

Version 9.0.1 (from 18.12.2018) - developmental version

- Script editor: The key "tab" no longer adds two spaces but inserts "tab" character into the text that is 2 spaces long.
- Editor of Pmg objects:
- The "Subobjects" tab has been removed. Adding, deleting and editing of the Pma object is now done in the tree of Pmg objects (the same way as in the tree of Pma objects).
- in the tree of Pmg objects, there is a new item #Prototypes that contains all PmgPrototype objects in the panel. Managing prototypes (adding, deleting, editing) can now be done easily in this new item. It is no longer needed to do it in the PmgInstance object.
- PmaAlarmGroup/PmaEventGroup object: the GetHistoryData method was unable to go through multiple backups (if the number of records was not set "records:xx;"). The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.3.29.
- PmABradleyDF1 communication driver: Generalization for "L - Long" type data area.
- PmgRadioButton object: Fixed bug: Even if the object had control disabled (in the "Control enabled" configurator), then in the Web panels it was still possible to change the value by mouseclick.

Version 9.0.0 (from 16.10.2018) - developmental version

- Many major changes that are all described in Transition from older versions to PROMOTIC 9.
- Web panels: Since version Pm9.0.0 all WEB panels in PROMOTIC are designed only for Web browsers supporting standard HTML5 technology. It means for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari etc. The Internet Explorer is supported only since version 11.
- The "Panel" tab of the PmgRoot object:
- New "Background color of the panel" configurator. Replaces the BackgroundColor variable of the PmgRoot object. The variable is removed from the list of variables after the conversion.
- New "Focus frame color" configurator. Replaces the FocusColor variable of the PmgRoot object. The variable is removed from the list of variables after the conversion.
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