PmRtManager - Manager of running apps

Running apps manager PmRtManager component is an individual utility PmRtManager.exe, provided together with the PROMOTIC system (in the \Promotic\Tools\PmRtManager folder).
This program configuration is read from the PmRtManager.ini file (see PmRtManager as WatchDog).
This component is fully functional free of charge.

Required system settings for all types of functionality:

- Logged-in user must have Full access to content administration in \GTemp folder where the LOG files are located (PmRtManagerA.log and PmRtManagerB.log).
- In order to run the PmRtManager, it must have Windows OS permission to launch Web server service on specified port. This permission is granted to PmRtManager if launched with administrator rights.
- For other Windows user the permission to run the Web server must be granted, preferably by the utility PmHttpConfig.exe.
In the upper portion of the window (Permissions to run PROMOTIC Web servers) add the Web server address (default: http://ComputerName:81/) and on the "Permissions" tab add the Windows user that will be launching the PmRtManager and enable all permissions.

The PmRtManager has two basic functions:

PmRtManager as WatchDog

It allows launching of selected applications on system start.
If one (or multiple) application(s) stopps running or is stopped, then it can restart the application or restart the whole computer.
See PmRtManager as WatchDog.

PmRtManager as Windows service

PmRtManager may run either as Windows service or as normal application.
If it runs as Windows service, then the applications launched by the manager run as Windows service.
If it runs as normal application, then the applications launched by the manager run as normal application.
See PmRtManager as Windows service.
The operation of PmRtManager can be monitored via the Web interface that is available on default address: http://ComputerName:81/info.html.

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