PmRtManager as service

The OS Windows service is a program that runs independently whether or not there is any logged user in OS Windows.
It runs with the permissions of defined Windows user, it can be configured and controlled by standard Windows tools (Services.msc console).
The service can be launched or stopped by the user (from command line or admin console), but this is only an instruction for action, the launch/stop itself is executed by the Windows system regardless if the user is logged in locally or remotely.

If the application manager PmRtManager runs as service OS Windows, then applications launched by the manager behave as service.
Although from the OS Windows point of view, these applications are not real services. But because these apps are launched by a real service PmRtManager, they run independently whether there is a logged user or not.
These applications run under the same user and with the same permissions as the real service. But these applications are not listed among OS Windows registered services, their configuration and management is fully under control of the PmRtManager. This is the basic procedure of launching PROMOTIC applications (and other programs) as OS Windows services.

Caution! If the PROMOTIC application runs as service, then it should run invisibly as server without user interface.
Visible application (local or remote client) should be another normal PROMOTIC application (not a service) or Web client.

Installation, uninstallation and configuration of application manager service

The PmRtManager.exe utility is a part of the PROMOTIC system located in the \Promotic\Tools\PmRtManager folder, but is not originally configured as service OS Windows. If it is needed to run the PmRtManager.exe as OS Windows service, then it is necessary to execute the PmRtManager -i command. After the registration, the configuration, stopping and launching is managed by standard OS Windows tools. The program (service) can be controlled from the command line by parameters. The command line terminal must be launched with Administrator rights. Individual commands:
PmRtManager -i - Adds the OS Windows service for the PmRtManager program. The service will be configured in order to launch automatically on system boot.
PmRtManager -u - Removes the OS Windows service of the PmRtManager program.
PmRtManager -s - Launches the OS Windows service of the PmRtManager program.
PmRtManager -k - Stopps the OS Windows service of the PmRtManager program.
PmRtManager - Launches the PmRtManager program as a normal application, not as a service. The application icon appears in the OS Windows Sys Tray among icons on the right. It allows to use the PmRtManager as normal program and also the applications launched by the manager are running as normal programs.
The old procedure of launching the PROMOTIC application as service by using the two utilities (Instsrv.exe and Srvany.exe) is no longer recommended. There are many disadvantages of the old procedure compared to the new one (getting the utilities, complex configuration), especially if the PROMOTIC application was stopped (crashed) the service still considered the application as correctly running (there was no WatchDog functionality). These utilities are contained in the Windows Resource Kit that is available for download at the Microsoft Web. The installation procedure itself is describerd here
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