Runtime is the environment of a running application.

32-bit and 64-bit version of the program

The PROMOTIC runtime exe is available in two versions:

- 32-bit runtime version is a program located in the \Promotic\PmVXXYY\Bin32\PromoticRt32.exe folder.
- This runtime type was supported by older versions of the PROMOTIC system (PROMOTIC 8.3 and older).
- It is designed for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows OS.
- In this version of the runtime it is not possible to run an application that uses more than 3GB of RAM. This amount of RAM is sufficient for most applications, but some extremely big projects reached this limitation.
- In order to access databases (objects PmaAdo, PmaDatabase, PmaTrendGroup, PmaAlarmGroup, PmaEventGroup) 32-bit versions of database drivers must be installed.
- The used external ActiveX objects (accessed by objects PmaActiveX and PmgActiveX) must be 32-bit.

- 64-bit runtime version is a program located in the \Promotic\PmVXXYY\Bin64\PromoticRt64.exe folder.
- Older versions of the PROMOTIC system (PROMOTIC 8.3 and older) did not include the 64-bit version.
- It is designed for 64-bit versions of the Windows OS.
- The maximum application size is limited only by the configuration of the Windows OS, i.e. much bigger than the 32-bit version.
This means that it is possible to create much bigger applications and/or can be set some parameters (that caused higher RAM usage) to much higher values (for example the "Number of records in the memory cash" configurator of the PmaTrendGroup object)
- 64-bitové versions of database drivers must be installed.
Caution: In the 64-bit version the obsolete PmaDatabase object is no longer functional!
- The external ActiveX objects must be 64-bit

How to start PROMOTIC runtime application

The application of the PROMOTIC system in runtime mode can be launched by one of the following methods:

- Launch from PmManager program.
- Launch the application "PromoticRt32.exe" or "PromoticRt64.exe". The parameter specifying the path to .pra file can be entered optionally - see Example.
- Delayed start by the utility RunLater
- Launch the application as Windows service. See How to launch the PROMOTIC application as Windows service
Launch the application "PromoticRt32.exe" with parameter

How to start more PROMOTIC applications on one computer

It is possible to run multiple PROMOTIC applications simultaneously in your system.
Applications (development environment or runtime) can be launched as needed - see How to start PROMOTIC runtime application.
Caution: There is an exception for PmFree - Free development environment and runtime licence of the PROMOTIC system (freeware mode) applications. The application in freeware mode cannot run if there is any other PROMOTIC application already runnig on the computer.

Licencing of such applications can be managed the following ways:
- All applications can use single common HW Key.
- Each application can use individual HW Key.
- All applications can use licences from licence server PmLicServer, where each application must have its own corresponding licence.

For each application it is possible to do setting in the Application.ini file in order to define which licence to use - see Description of keys in the [Licence] section.

If it is required to start more runtime applications concurrently after starting the computer (the application consists from several parts, for example, the server and client) and then to ensure that the server is started first and then the client with a delay, then the utility RunLater can be used for the delayed start of the program.

Pm9.00.02: The PROMOTIC system now supports also 64-bit versions of both runtime and development environment.
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