Object PmaEventGroup (Event group)

The object represents the events group (subgroup).
This object adopts properties and methods of the PmaObject object.
Properties and methods:
ActivateNew Dynamic creation and activation of event item
Area Area of an event group
GetHistoryData Obtains the data from history of events
GroupId Group identifier
GroupParent Returns reference to parent group
GroupTitle Displayed group name
Less commonly used properties and methods:
Activate Activation of an existing event item
Item Access to one event item
RegisterNew Dynamic creating event item
Obsolete properties and methods:
WndHistory History viewer of an event group
onItemActivated Is triggered when activating the alarm item
Configuration tabs:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the object in the XML form
Events Definition of object events algorithms
Group Basic parameters of an event group
Items Definition of event items
Storage Event group storage
Permissions Object permissions
Web server The link-up of the object to the Web server
Related objects:
PmEventItem(Event item) Event item
ExtEvent An extension for generating events
See also:

Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmAlarmEvent -> PmaEventGroup
Pm8.03.17: Fixed bug: Correct listing of items sortet backwards in time Filtration string can now be entered also in Chrome browser on the Web.
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