Object PmaEventGroup (Event group)

The object provides storage of the event history. For detailed description see Alarm and Event system.
This object inherits properties, methods and events of the PmaObject object.
Properties and methods of this object:
ActivateNewDynamic creation and activation of the event item
AreaArea of an event group
GetHistoryDataObtains the data from event history
GroupIdGroup identifier
GroupParentReturns reference to parent group
GroupTitleDisplayed group name
Less commonly used properties and methods:
ActivateActivation of an existing event item
ItemAccess to one event item
RegisterNewDynamic creating of the event item
Obsolete properties and methods:
WndHistoryEvent history viewer
Properties and methods inherited from the PmaObject object:
AddEventRegisters a function into selected event
GetInfoReturns the Info object with the specified name
GetOwnedByIndexReturns the subobject defined by its index
GetOwnedByNameReturns reference to the subobject defined by its name
GetOwnedByTypeArray of references to the subobjects
GetOwnedNumReturns number of subobjects in the object
GetParReading the value of the Pma object parameter (or its parents)
GetPathNameObject name with the path to this object
GetPermissionReturns permission of corresponding operation from object
MethodsAccess to designer's methods of this object
NameObject name (without the path)
ParentReturns reference to the parent Pma object
PmReturns reference to the Pma object or to its implementation subobject
RemoveEventUn-registers the function in the specified event
RootReturns reference to the root application object PmaRoot
Events of this object:
onItemActivatedIs triggered when activating the event item
Events inherited from the PmaObject object:
onStartIs triggered for each object in the runtime only once at the beginning
onStopIs triggered for each Pma object in the runtime mode only once at the stop of the application
Configuration tabs:
ObjectGeneral information about the object
EventsDefinition of object events algorithms
GroupBasic parameters of an event group
ItemsDefinition of event items
StorageEvent group storage
PermissionsObject permissions
Web serverThe link-up of the object to Web server
Related objects:
PmEventItem(Event item) Event item
ExtEventData extension for generating events
See also:

Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmAlarmEvent -> PmaEventGroup
Pm8.03.17: Fixed bug: Correct listing of items sortet backwards in time Filtration string can now be entered also in Chrome browser on the Web.
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