Group - tab of the PmaEventGroup object

Basic parameters of an event group.
Event group identifierThe unambiguous identifier of an event group in the application.
Displayed group nameThe displayed name of an event group. It is used in viewers, print-outs, etc. The name doesn't need to be entered (can be empty string) - in this case the group name is not displayed anywhere. It has sense only if there is only one event group in the application.
AreaMarking the area where the event group belongs (group or subgroup). All event items of one PmaEventGroup object belong to the same area. It goes about an arbitrary string that allows to users easier filtering the set values when watching the group. It is useful first of all if more Group objects store the data to the common file (see the "Parent enabled" configurator).
History viewerPath to registered #history viewer represented by PmaPanel with PmgEventViewer object.
If not set then no registered viewer is set for this event group
Parent enabledIf checked, then the parent group can be set in the "Parent" configurator.
ParentEvent items (PmEventItem objects) arise and are stored to disk in the parent group. Event group is displayed in the event history viewer. Filtering in the viewer according to the "Area" configurator allows to display items only of the certain event group in the frame of the parent group.
Remote group (client)If checked, then the group is not meant for generating event items but it serves only for the remote viewing another event group. All operations that would have resulted in writing to disk, will fail over such group.
Delete inactive (valid only for dynamically created items)If checked, then the event item is removed from the list if it becomes inactive. It has sense only for dynamically created event items.

Pm9.00.07: New "History viewer" configurator for entering the path to history viewer.
Pm9.00.00: Created
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