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Pma objects

A Pma object is the object that can be created in the Pma objects editor. To take advantage of the object functionality in the application, its creating (instancing) is necessary.

Creating the Pma object:
The Pma object is inserted into the application by its creating in the Pma objects tree (the column in the left part of the screen of Pma objects editor).
The Pma object can be created by marking the object into which it has to be inserted and by pressing the Insert key.
The context menu can be used as well by the right mouse button clicking over the object, into which a new object has to be inserted.

Configuration of the Pma object:
After marking the Pma object in the Pma objects tree the object configuration tabs with individual configurators are displayed in the window on the right side of the editor. By its setting the object can be configured according to designer's needs.
List of objects:
PmaActiveX(ActiveX) Including an ActiveX object
PmaAdo(ADO database) Implements database access by the ADO
PmaAlarmGroup(Alarm group) Storage of states and history of alarms
PmaComm(Communication) Object allows the communication via Ethernet or via the computer's serial port
PmaCommGroup(Communication data) Definition of the communication data group
PmaCommMsg(Communication message) Format definition of one communication message
PmaData(Data) Collection of variables values
PmaDataTable(Data Table) Table of variable values
PmaDll(Dll) Accessing functions in DLL libraries
PmaEventGroup(Event group) Storing the event history
PmaFolder(Folder) Objects folder. It is used for creating tree structure of objects.
PmaGlobal(Global object folder) Global object folder
PmaInstance(Instance) Prototype instance
PmaObject(Object) Formal object - the parent of all Pma objects
PmaOpcDaClient(OPC client) Connection of the PROMOTIC application (as OPC client) to the OPC server
PmaOpcDaClientGroup(OPC client data) Definition of the data group that will be shared between OPC server and OPC client
PmaPanel(User graphics) Application window with a panel
PmaPmgPrototype(Global Pmg prototype) Object for saving global Pmg prototype
PmaPrototype(Prototype) Prototype (template) for instances
PmaReport(Report) The object serves for creating reports from HTML, XML or TXT template files
PmaRootRoot of application objects tree
PmaSequencer(Sequence processing) Sequence processing
PmaTimer(Timer) Watch the time period expiration
PmaTrendGroup(Trend group) Storing the time history of variables
PmaWeb(Web server) Object that creates a Web server from the application
PmaWebDir(Web access to the folder on the disk with its files) Provides designer's HTML (and others) files to the Web
PmaWebFolder(Web folder: general or for alarm/event/trend system) Folder for the Web components. It is used for creating tree structure of Web addresses.
PmaWebInfo(Web INFO system) Displays the INFO system by the Web browser
PmaWebLang(Web language versions) Assignment of the language version for immersed Web components
PmaWorkspace(Workspace) Application workspace
Obsolete objects:
PmaDatabase(Database) Implements an access to databases (obsolete)
PmaKey(Key) Watching the specified keystroke
PmaNumber(Number) Numeric value (obsolete)
PmaNumberLim(Limit) Watching the value limit in the parent PmaNumber object (obsolete)
PmaString(Text string) String value (obsolete)
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