List of other objects in the PROMOTIC system

Global description of other objects in the PROMOTIC system
List of objects:
PmActionObject represents an action that can be executed later
PmArray(Array of values) Object represents an array of values
PmBuffer(Binary data memory) The object represents binary data memory
PmDateObjectAuxiliary object for working with date and time
PmExpr(Evaluation tool of JavaScript expression) Object allows evaluation of JavaScript expression entered as String
PmFormatObject for conversion the value into a text string (and vice versa) according to the specified format
PmList(List of values) Object represents a list of values (obsolete)
PmMap(Object with named values) Object with named values
PmMenuThe local menu of the Pmg object or the system menu of the application
PmUser(User) Object represents a logged on user
PmVar(Variable) Object represents one data item of the object
PmViewCreator(Opening the viewer) The object allows opening the various viewers
ObjectFontObject containing information about font
CollectionCollection (array, list) of some values or objects
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