Object PmList (List of values)

Object represents a list of values.
This object is obsolete (but functional) and it is better to use the PmArray object (items can be added and removed from an PmArray by methods Insert and Remove).
Properties and methods:
GetCount()Returns the number of values in the queue
AddHead()Adds value to the beginning of the list
AddTail()Adds value to the end of the list
GetHead()Returns a value from beginning of the list
GetTail()Returns a value from the end of the list
RemoveHead()Removes value from beginning of the list
RemoveTail()Removes value from the end of the list
SaveToArray()Returns 1-dimensional array of values queue
- The object can be created by the Pm.CreatePmList method.
- This object is functional also in Web panels.

Values in this object form a list and can be accessed either from beginning (Head) or from the end (Tail) of the list. The values of the list can be:
- added: AddHead, AddTail
- read: GetHead, GetTail
The example of creation and usage of the PmList object:
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var iRow;
var oList = Pm.CreatePmList();

for (iRow = 0; iRow <= 10; iRow++)
oList.AddTail("row" + iRow);

// ----------SaveToArray----------
var arr = oList.SaveToArray();

// ----------RemoveHead, RemoveTail----------
var nCount;
var sHead = oList.RemoveHead();

nCount = oList.GetCount();
for (iRow = nCount; iRow > 0; iRow--)

Pm9.00.04: This object is considered to be obsolete and replaced by the PmArray object with methods Insert and Remove.
Pm8.03.08: Allows the application designer to create a LIFO and FIFO list of values in this object.
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