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Web panels

The PmaPanel object can offer its image in the Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, InternetExplorer ...) in the form of dynamic HTML pages. These dynamic pages are created automatically in the development environment and they are stored in the Application.pra file.
So as the PmaPanel object would offer its image to Web server, it is necessary to:
- check the "Enable as Web component" configurator on the "Web server" tab
- and to fill in all other configurators on this tab correctly.

The client requiring data from this Web component is of the PmWebClient type from the licence point of view.

Since version Pm9.0.0 all Web panels in PROMOTIC are designed only for Web browsers supporting standard HTML5 technology. It means for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari etc. The InternetExplorer is supported only since version 11.
Since the version Pm8.2.0 the HTML pages generated by the system were transformed to standard HTML5 technologies so these can be displayed in alternative browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, InternetExplorer ...) including their mobile versions.
Up to the PROMOTIC version Pm8.2 the HTML pages generated by the system were designed only for InternetExplorer.

Web panels basic principle:
- Pmg objects are compiled into dynamic HTML form (using so-called Alax technology).
- If the client is opening panel, then the compiled dynamic HTML page is loaded from server (i.e. from the PROMOTIC application). Panel refreshing (see the "Refresh period of the Web panel [s]" configurator) is called automatically and is based on periodically loading XML panel data, which are much smaller then the whole HTML page. For example if the panel is connected by data binding to 10 variables, then only 10 current values are periodically transferred. The server load is therefore minimal.
- The scripts in events of Pmg objects are running on the client side (i.e. in the Web browser). Some restrictions are based on this fact and these are described below.
The main restriction is that it is unable to access directly in the script to other objects in the Pma objects tree, for example access for values in the PmaData object (this limitation is valid for scripts - not for example in the "PP - Pma object property" data binding - it can use references to other objects).
This limitation can be solved, by calling for example the panel method (i.e. in the event of the Pmg object) pMe.PmPanel.Methods.XXX(a,b,..). This calling the "XXX" method makes the client send XML command to server and so the method is called on the server. In this panel method the script can be present, accessing other objects in the Pma objects tree. For additional info see more.


Here is a list of limitations that are put on panels that have to be offered to Web server in the form of a HTML page.

- Limitations for data bindings:
It is NOT POSIBLE to use the data bindings S - Disk file and VB - Script expression

- Limitations for writing of algorithm (scripts):
- It is not possible to use the reference to other Pma objects in the Pma objects tree (e.g. to use pMe.Pm("/data/xy")). If writing to other object in the Web panel is needed it, then is possible to do so:
- by calling the methods pMe.PmPanel.Methods.XXX(a,b,..).
- by calling global methods of the application by using Pm.Methods.XXX(a,b,..).
- The pMe.PmPanel object can be used for affecting the whole panel. In the obtained PmaPanel object, only the following methods are functional: Methods, OpenView, ViewerType, Close.
- The scripts can be used for almost all Pmg object events. So far for the Web the following events are not functional: PmgWEdit.onDataEditing and PmgWEdit.onDataEditCancel.
- So far, the following properties and methods are not functional for the Web: Blink, Focus, MouseOn, Refresh, ScreenX, ScreenY.
- The global Pm object: Many methods are functional on the Web but some are not. The description of each method of this object provides the information of Web functionality.

- Limitations for Pmg objects::
- PmgRasterImage: The "Enable transparency color" configurator is not taken into consideration.
- PmgWCombo: The "Sort" configurator is not relevant.
The "Type" configurator with "Selection and edit" setting is not functional for the Web so far.
- PmgVideo: The "-1 = Repeat back" value in the "Direction of playing" configurator is not taken into consideration.
The methods Seek and Sound are not functional.
- PmgActiveX: This object is not functional on the Web because all modern Web browsers no longer support ActiveX technology due to security reasons.
- PmgMeterBox: This object is obsolete and is not functional on the Web.

- Limitations for calling the designer's method of the PmaPanel object:
See Designer's methods in the PmaPanel object.
Called methods can have parameters and an output value (pResult) only:
- simple data types (e.g. Integer, String, etc.)
- 1-dimensional array defined e.g. Dim arr(20)
- 2-dimensional array defined e.g. Dim arr(10,20)
- there must not be other arrays in the array items

Notes and directions:

Another algorithm for local panel and for Web panel:
A panel (created in the PmaPanel object) can be opened directly in runtime of the application (local panel) or in the Web browser (Web panel). If in such panel calling an algorithm is needed (for example after pressing the button), which has to do something different in local panel than in the Web panel, then it is recommended to use the PmgRoot.ClientType property. The value of this property specifies whether the panel is opened in the application or in the Web browser. Examples see description of the ClientType property.

Panel reentrancy:
When developing a Web panel, it is necessary to understand, that, multiple clients can see it simultaneously. So it is a bad idea for example to create one panel (one PmaPanel object) able to display multiple devices according to a variable set in the application. In such case the clients would be rewriting this global variable mutually and see incorrect values as a consequence. If one panel displaying various data is needed, then the best way to do so, is:
- to use parameters of the PmgRoot object (see: Parameters of the Pmg object) and/or

Pm9.00.00: Since version Pm9.0.0 all Web panels in PROMOTIC are designed only for Web browsers supporting standard HTML5 technology. It means for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari etc. The InternetExplorer is supported only since version 11.
Pm8.03.19: Various bugfixes of Web panels, of alarms, of trends, forms (PmForm object) etc.
Pm8.03.13: Simplified user login on the Web. If incorrect name or password is entered then an error window is displayed. This window contains a button that cen be used to initiate new login attempt.
- Fixed bug: The PmgWCombo object was rendered with incorrect height.
- Improved user login window (opened by the Pm.WndLogon method).
Pm8.03.11: the Pm.WndLogon method is now functional also in Chrome browser.
New "PmaPanel > Web server > Refresh error indication method" configurator: Allows to supress displaying of error message in the panel informing about communication failure with the server.
The context menu (onMenuFill and onMenuSelect) was redesigned in order to work correctly in all Web browsers.
Pm8.03.05: Fixed bug: The size and position of the panel opened in a new window were not evaluated correctly (i.e. if "target:_blank;").
Pm8.03.04: Fixed bug: Bugfixes that conflicted with the old InternetExplorer 8 browser.
- Methods Pm.CreateDate and Pm.FormatDate are now functional.
- Editing is now available in Touchpad browsers that do not support mouse - for example Android. These browsers do not support left mouse button double-click that is used for editing in PmgString and PmgWTable objects. Now it is possible to edit the Pmg object content by opening the Pmg object context menu - i.e. for example in Android system, by long touch over the Pmg object.
- Edit mode in the PmgWEdit object fixed - did not work in Chrome and Android.
- Open the panel sometimes failed if characters with diacritics (i.e. national dependent characters) were used in panel parameters.
- The PmgTrendViewer object in JavaScript panels: Optimization of requests for large quantities or high frequency of queries.
- Pmg object rendering improved for old Web browser InternetExplorer 8.
- The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.2.18.
Pm8.02.17: In PmgString and PmgWEdit objects the focus behavior has been improved after the application is closed.
- If the unsupported data binding VB - Script expression or S - Disk file were used in the panel, then the Web panel did not open at all. Now it opens, but the bindings are not functional.
- The onMousePress event: (in Firefox or Chrome) worked even if the control was disabled.
- Update of automatically generated HTML panels for InternetExporer 11 (in this version, Microsoft again removed support for some previously used technologies).
- PmgRasterImage object: If the "Size" configurator was set to "Over parent", then the PNG format image did not display correctly on the Web.
- PmgTrendViewer object: emulated in HTML (i.e. in JavaScript panels):
- The time is now displayed on mouse cursor.
- Bugfix in the AddTrend method.
- Pm.WndLogon method: Is now functional for alternative Web browsers (other than InternetExplorer).
- PmgTrendViewer object: emulated in HTML (i.e. in JavaScript panels):
- The TimeMin and TimeMax properties are now functional
- Table view of trends is now functional
Pm8.02.10: For InternetExplorer 8 (and lower): PmgTrendViewer and PmgWTable objects in JavaScript are not emulated in graphic panels (because this old browser does not observe some important standards) but the browser switches to full ActiveX object view (these ActiveX objects must be installed on the client side) - similar situation as for VBScript panels.
- Improved emulation of PmgTrendViewer and PmgWTable object for JavaScript panels.
- Corrected technological and device limits in PmgBarBox and PmgSliderBox objects.
- The Pm.GetBit and Pm.SetBit methods are now functional also for the Web.
- Improved emulation of the PmgTrendViewer object for JavaScript panels.
- The new PmgFrame.OpenView method.
- The "Pattern" configurator is now functional for object PmgRectangle and PmgEllipse.
- The "X corner rounding" configurator is now functional for the PmgRectangle object.
- The Pm.StringScan method is now functional.
- Emulation of the PmgTrendViewer object has been improved for JavaScript panels.
Pm8.02.04: Optimalization of trends vieweing by the PmgTrendViewer object on the Web with slow HTTP connection.
Pm8.02.03: Improved emulation of objects PmgTrendViewer and PmgWTable for JavaScript panels.
Pm8.02.01: Improved emulation of ActiveX objects PmgTrendViewer and PmgWTable for JavaScript panels.
Pm8.02.00: The automatically generated HTML pages are now improved in order to work properly in additional Web browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera .... For full functionality, the panel must be modified:
- the Pmg object events must be written in the JavaScript language. This language has been introduced into the PROMOTIC system and is currently used only for Web panels.
The JavaScript language is more advanced and general, and for the purposes of the PROMOTIC system even simpler than the VBScript language. See Comparison of the VBScript and JavaScript languages.
- PmgTrendViewer and PmgWTable objects are now HTML emulated (i.e. the ActiveX object no longer runs in the Web browser and all works as standard HTML). These objects are not yet fully function in this version - only the basic functions are working now.
Other ActiveX objects are not functional.
- The automated generation of HTML code during panel compilation is now faster and the created HTML pages are smaller.
Pm8.01.12: Important modifications for InternetExplorer 10 Web browser. Unfortunatelly since this version of the viewer some major technologies are no longer supported. These technologies were used by Web panels up to the version of PROMOTIC 8.2. (The PROMOTIC 8.2 version now uses standard HTML technologies allowing to display the Web panels in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, InternetExplorer ...)
Pm8.01.08: There is a new safer method of computing the data bindings.
Pm8.01.01: Methods Pm.ColorOper and Pm.ColorRgb are now working also for Web panels.
Pm8.01.00: C++ formatting (see the "Value format type" configurator) is now implemented directly into the panel and therefore the PmAxTool1 ActiveX object is no longer needed.
- Sometimes, the real values with a decimal point were evaluated incorrectly, if the system running the application was configured to use comma instead of period as decimal separator.
- Sometimes an errior occured when evaluating the "LN - Linear function" data binding
Pm8.00.07: Fixed bug: Some configurators set by Macro expression $.par did not work properly.
Pm8.00.06: Fixed bug:
- Additional Pmg object methods/properties/events added together with the information whether these item are functional in Web panels.
- The OpenView and OpenViewModal methods: added support for opening windows of specified size on specified coordinates (i.e. in the sOptions parameter the pos:xx; and size:xx;) settings are taken into consideration.
- The following methods have been enabled for the Web: Pm.Logoff, Pm.WndLogoff and Pm.WndLogon.
- The way of displaying of the PmgVideo object in a HTML page has been modified. The old way was not working under InternetExplorer8.
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