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Data bindings of the Pmg object

The term Data binding expresses binding the Pmg object configurator with the variable. It means that the Pmg object configurator that has defined the data binding, is affected by the value of the variable which it is bound with. The data binding is defined in the configuration window of the Pmg object. and it can be defined for all configurators where the data binding button is placed.

There is the PmaFolder object ("Boiler1") in the development environment and there is the PmaData object with data item "Temperature1" in this object. The value of this item is to be displayed in the panel by the PmgString object.
- In the configuration of this object click the data binding button in the "Value" configurator.
- Browse the PmaData object, item of the PmVar type ("Temperature1").
- Enter the desired property (in this case Value) in the "Property" configurator.
List of data bindings:
PP - Pma object propertyData binding to Pma object property
T - Elementary tableData binding to calculation based on a table of values
E - General expressionData binding to the general expression
GP - Pmg object propertyData binding to the property of the Pmg object
AP - PmaRoot object variableData binding to the PmaRoot object variable
SP - Pm object propertyData binding to the object Pm property
OP - OLE object propertyData binding to property of the object defined by expression
F - String formatData binding to the formatted string
S - Disk fileData binding to the text file content
UP - Logged user propertyData binding to the property of the logged-in user
V - Elementary expressionData binding to the elementary expression (obsolete)
LN - Linear functionData binding as linear function calculation (obsolete)
VB - Script expressionData binding to the VBScript expression (obsolete)

Pm8.01.13: Fixed bug: In Windows OS XP some data bindings were not evaluated.
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