Variables - page of object PmgObject

List and configuration of user defined Pmg object variables.

This page with its configurators is common for all Pmg objects.

This configurator sets the initial value of the property Vars.

If it is written to this property and if this property is linked to the data binding PP, AP, SP, OP or GP, then the value is transferred also into the source of this binding.

Configuration items:
AddAdds the new variable to the end of the list. After pressing the button, the variable type selection window is shown, followed by the variable edit window:
Name - Name (Identifier) of the variable (no diacritics, no spaces, must start with a letter).
Value - (according to the variable type) Value of the variable or data binding.
DeleteDelete selected variable from the list.
EditEdit selected variable. Opens the same window as for "Add" button.
UpMove the selected variable up by one position in the order of all variables.
DownMove the selected variable down by one position in the order of all variables.
Buttons on the right side of the configuration window of each Pmg object:
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