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onMenuFill - event of the PmgObject object

The event is triggered after pressing by the right mouse button over the Pmg object.
In this event it is possible to fill in the menu, thus it is the request to create the menu. The event is triggered each time the menu is displayed and therefore the menu may have different content each time, created by this script.
If the user selects some item in the context menu, then the onMenuSelect event is triggered.
pMe(Object) Reference to the PmgObject object where the event rises.
pEvent(Object) Reference to the object describing detailed information about the specific event.
pEvent.Menu - (Object) [for reading] The object of the PmMenu type that represents the list of menu (local or system) items. At the beginning this object has no items. In this event it is possible to fill this object with requested items by the AddMenu method and to create an arbitrary menu. Caution! It is not allowed to save the reference to this object for the later use.
- This event is triggered only if the "Control enabled" configurator is checked.
- This event is also functional in Web panels.
- This event is not functional for object: PmgRoot, PmgActiveX.

The event is triggered in the PmgButton object also after pressing the left mouse button if the "Open the context menu also by left mouse button" configurator is set.
See also:
See: Example in the description of the AddMenu object
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