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Refresh - method of the PmgObject object

Refresh of the Pmg object (and all its subobjects) independently on the system panel refresh (the period of system refresh can be set in the "PmaRoot > Application > Panels timer period" configurator).
Empty Refresh()
If the object is excluded from the system panels refresh, then this object is refreshed only by this method or by the PmaPanel.Refresh method. The extraction of the whole application panel from the system panels refresh is made by checking the configurator > Setting of the sFramePars default values > Refresh period (refresh).
If the object is not excluded from the system panels refresh, then it is refreshed either by the system or by calling this method.
After calling this method, the onRefresh event is triggered.

This method is also functional in Web panels. It is fullo functional only if called over the PmgRoot object, see Example.
See also:
- PmaPanel.Refresh (method)
Calling refresh of the whole panel in the event of the Pmg object.
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