Refresh - method of the PmaPanel object

Refresh panel.
This method/property/event is considered obsolete and is functional only if the "Level of integration of the panel viewer and the local application" configurator is set to full - FULL access from scripts to the whole application (only for VBScript and if the "Enable multiple opening of local panel" configurator IS NOT SET.
Instead of this method it is better to use the Refresh method of the PmgRoot object.
Empty Refresh()
For local panel:
The method needs to be used only if the "Refresh period (refresh)" configurator is checked in the PmaPanel object. Otherwise the panels are refreshed themselves with the period set in the "Panels timer period" configurator of the PmaRoot object.
The method refreshes all Pmg objects of this panel at a time. For the control refreshing only of some Pmg objects, the PmgObject.Refresh method can be used instead of this method.
After calling this method the onRefresh event is triggered and also the onRefresh event of all Pmg objects of this panel.

For Web panel:
For Web panels the Refresh method can be used, if the Web page refresh rate is low (see the "Refresh period of the Web panel [s]" configurator) and feedback script input from client to server (by calling pMe.PmPanel.Methods) causes data change, displayed in the Web client. In such case after calling the Methods it is usefull to call Refresh causing instant data refresh on the client. See Example below.
See also:
Calling the designer's "SendData" method (e.g. in the onButtonUp event of the PmgButton object) in the Web client causes calling this method in the PROMOTIC server. This method, for example, processes the value of 3.14 on the server and modifies the data on the server that are observed by client. If the Refresh method is not called on the client, then the client data would not be refreshed until the next regular panel refresh, e.g. in 10 seconds or more.
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