Events - page of object PmaObject

The page serves for the definition of the events algorithms. The algorithm is performed just when the event to which the algorithm is assigned, occurs.

The page is common to more objects, controlling see Basic control of script editor. The common description is in the PmaObject object.

Configuration items:
EventsList of object events.

After choosing the event it can be defined the script that has to be performed after the initialization of the event.

Object events are described in the description on the concrete Events page of the concrete Pma object.

After pressing the F1 key, the help for selected event is opened.

ParametersList of script parameters.

Each parameter represents the assigned value. For example, the value of the parameter pMe is the reference to the Pma object that owns the Events page where this parameter is defined.

Parameters on the Events page are described in the description on the concrete Events page of the concrete Pma object.

EditBy clicking the button the edit window for the script can be opened, the window that servers for easy definition of the script (it is the full screen window, cursor coordinates are displayed on the bottom of the window, which is useful for errors detection in the script).
Parameters common to all events:
pMeReference to the PmaObject object where the event rises.
pEventReference to object describing detailed information about the specific event.

If more specific event definition is needed, then this kind of information is available as pEvent object property and the property is listed in the script editor.

A major portion of the available events do not need any additional information, in such case the pEvent object does not have any properties and therefore it is unsubstantial.

However some events (e.g. the PmaRoot.onKeyPress event) require additional information (e.g. the code of key pressed). In this case this information can be found in the pEvent.Code property.

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