GetPar - method of the PmaObject object

Reading the value of the Pma object parameter. If the parameter is not present in this Pma object, then the parents of this object are searched the cascade way (bubbling).
Variant GetPar(String sPar, [Long nAttr])
sPar(String) The name of the parameter (case sensitive text).
nAttr[optional] (Long) Additional attributes for detecting parameter.
0 (default) - Return values is of the String type.
1 - Return values is of the Long type.
If the value cannot be converted into an integer then the method returns NaN value - it can be tested by the Pm.IsValid method.
Return values:
Returns a value of the Pma object parameter.
If an error occures, then the method returns: null for JavaScript or Empty pro VBScript (it can be tested by the Pm.IsValid method).
Reads the value of the abc parameter. This parameter can be defined in oObject Pma object or in its parents.
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var x = oObject.GetPar("abc");

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