GetOwnedByType - method of the PmaObject object

Returns an array of references to the subobjects of the defined type in the tree of Pma objects.
Array GetOwnedByType(String sClass, Long nMode)
sClass(String) The name of the object type. For example "PmaPanel".
nMode(Long) Range of the required subobjects.
0 - subobjects only on the first nesting level
1 - subobjects on all nesting level
Obtains the array of references to all PmaPanel objects in the whole tree on all levels and the iteration by this array
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var i;
var arr = pMe.Pm("/").GetOwnedByType("PmaPanel", 1);
var nCount = arr.GetSize(1);
for (i = 0; i < nCount; i++)

Pm8.02.15: Fixed bug: The method returned also the object over which the method was called.
Pm8.01.07: Fixed bug: The method returned also the forbidden objects in runtime (see the "Disabled object at the start up" configurator).
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