AddEvent - method of the PmaObject object

Registers a function into selected event.
Empty AddEvent(String sEventName, String sFuncId, Function Func)
sEventName(String) Event name of the Pma object.
sFuncId(String) Identifier of registered event function.
- Allows removal of function by the RemoveEvent method.
- Prevents duplicate registering of the same function.
- May contain any characters (this is not a system name).
- Must not be an empty string.
- It is recommended to use e.g. the whole path to Pmg object.
Func(Function) The event function will be called when the event is triggered.
ev: It has no properties so far.
This method is functional only for JavaScript language.
See also:
Registration of the Test function into the onTick event of the PmaTimer object
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function Test(ev)
Pm.Debug("AddEvent onTick");

pMe.Pm("/Timer").AddEvent("onTick", pMe.GetPathName(), Test);

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