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The main product of the MICROSYS, spol. s r.o. company is the PROMOTIC SCADA system for visualization and control of technological processes. The PROMOTIC system can be operated with a commercial licence that is distributed as a HW Key or SW Key, or as FREEWARE, i.e. without the need of using any licence key. All schools and universities can purchase the PROMOTIC system on-site multilicence for a symbolic price and use the software for educational purposes. We also offer development and delivery of specific applications designed according to the customer needs.
Basic features of the PROMOTIC system

The PROMOTIC SCADA system includes a wide choice of communication interfaces:
There is also a numerous selection of communication drivers for PLC devices:
Simatic, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, SAIA, Omron, Koyo, ADAM, etc.
See: List of PLC devices, meters and regulators.
Among the supported communication protocols you can find:
Modbus, M-BUS, SNMP, SMS-GSM, IEC 60870-5, IEC 62056, BACnet, etc.
See: Communication protocols and services
The PROMOTIC system works with multiple types of databases:
Access, dBase, MS SQL, MySQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.
See: Database potentials in the PROMOTIC system
The PROMOTIC system incorporates an integrated Web server and therefore allows remote viewing and control of applications. The system automatically generates the GUI of the application as dynamic HTML pages. All communication transmissions are based on HTTP/HTTPS protocols, using the XML and AJAX technologies.
See: Overview of the Web technology in the PROMOTIC system
The PROMOTIC system contains a rich library of Pmg objects, that can be complemented by user SVG, PNG, JPG, BMP graphic.
The PROMOTIC development environment is available in Czech, English and Polish language. The developed applications can be operated in multilanguage mode.
See: How to create an application using different national languages
The PROMOTIC system is available since 1991

The PROMOTIC system is popular and reliable SCADA software with the tradition since 1991. The quality of this software tool is proven by thousands of running applications and new licences being sold every day.


The PROMOTIC SCADA system is now also available as FREEWARE and can be downloaded free of charge. In this freeware mode, all communication drivers and interfaces are fully functional (as in the commercial mode with purchased licence). The runtime period of the freeware applications is not limited. The only limitation of the freeware mode is the size of the application up to 30 variables.

We support education

The MICROSYS company in the long term supports the education of scholars and students in the area of automation systems. The PROMOTIC SCADA system is used by many secondary schools and universities. The school version of the system, that is full functional as the commercial version is available to all educational institutions for a symbolic price.

We develop applications for you

Except for the PROMOTIC SCADA system itself we can deliver an application developed exactly according to the needs and specifications of the customer. The long term experience of our engineers and their close cooperation with the PROMOTIC system developers will guarantee their professionalism and the high quality of their work provided to all our customers.

The documentation is always available

The PROMOTIC SCADA system is accompanied by a very detailed and complex documentation. All functions and features of the system are described in detail on more than a tjousand pages of text. But do not feel intimidated, the documentation is well-arranged, contains an index and also a keyword search tool. The documentation is updated with each new version of the system, it is always available on our web and also in the PROMOTIC system in English, Czech and Polish language.

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